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Specialty Lights for High Temperature Areas

Most LED Products are able to work in temperatures up to 130 to 140F. But what if you have an area that gets hotter than that? Well, here's a solution for that.

LED Lights and Heat

Most electronics don't work well in hot areas. Heat is the Achilles heal of electronics, it shortens their life and performance. LED is no exception. While LED lights perform extremely well in cold environments, in hot environments it tends to shorten the life of the products.

There are environments where heat is ever-present. Many of MyLEDLightingGuide's customers are power generator utilities. In these environments, steam generation is used to turn turbines and create electricity. To create steam, you need a heat source. And this produces hot ambient temperatures.

The problem multiplies in nuclear facilities. These environments can be dangerous, so having adequate lighting is paramount. Having lights fail because of heat is not an option. Lights need to work. However, there are times when the area can achieve temperatures, at light mounting heights, of 150+ F. And most normal LED lights will fail.

High Ambient Temperature LED Fixtures

MyLEDLightingGuide offers a line of High Ambient Temperature High Bays, rated for temperatures up to 190F.

These fixtures are engineered for high temperature facilities, like metal foundries, nuclear power plants, or other power generation facilities and have been installed in many locations. Using only the best materials, super large heat sinks, and under driving all LED diodes and drivers allows for this fixture to run in hot environments. This fixture can be configured as either a HighBay or FloodLight, and models are available to replace from 250W to 1000W HID. The product is backed by a 5 year warranty.

This light has already been installed in a nuclear facility as well as other power generating facilities, replacing 1000W HID lighting and providing a safe and reliable source of lighting.

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