Specialty Lighting for Warehouse Rack Aisles

Warehouses typically have 2 definable areas: open spaces and rack shelving aisles. When dealing specifically about rack shelf aisles, there are special LED Warehouse Lights that are designed specifically for these areas.

Special Lights for Warehouse Spaces

Lighting up aisles of warehouse racks is not trivial. Making the light distribute to only where its needed is the challenge, so light engineers spend a lot of time designing the proper optics to achieve this distribution. Ideally, you want light on the floor and on the face of the product, but it does not make sense to light up the top of the racks.

Thankfully, these lights are available. Not surprisingly, they are linear LED Light fixtures that have the necessary optic packages to achieve the proper lighting distribution. Doing a proper photometric prior to purchase will confirm the light levels between the shelves.

Adding Motion Sensors: Why this makes sense.

A motion sensor was almost designed for this application. Depending on the warehouse, there may be aisles that do not get regular traffic. If this is the case, then adding a motion sensor to these lights makes complete sense. LED Lights can be turned off and on quickly, or dimmed. When motion is detected, they can go to full power and then after a period of inactivity, turn down or turn off. This saves you even more money, as a light that is dim or off saves you more than a light that is 100% on. And since converting to LED is all about saving money, then then small incremental cost of adding a motion sensor will see immediate savings. And as an added bonus, extend the life of the light.

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