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Saving Money in A Warehouse Starts With The Lighting System

Depending on the size of the warehouse we are discussing; the energy costs related to the lighting withing and even outside the warehouse can vary. But no matter what size, shape, or capacity a warehouse operation runs out of they all have one thing in common and that's lighting expenses. This is a common struggle for facility managers: trying to save money with the money that they have. And upgrading or investing in a new lighting system although can save money and produce a positive ROI overtime; can cause troubles considering it costs money upfront.

This post is here to identify the main points and benefits of a good lighting technology (LED), how it can improve a warehouse or factory facility, and how you can actually cut the upfront investment costs down significantly to make the investment even more-so worthwhile.

Improve safety through a better lighting system.

In almost every aspect of the word quality; LED is the winner, especially in industrial applications. Firstly, if you've ever (or are currently) experiencing an issue with flickering or buzzing lights inside or out of your facility: you most like have metal halide or HPS fixtures in place. With LED they will never flicker or buzz not even near the ending of their lifespan. Secondly, if you are experiencing an issue with dim lights just a few years after you've installed your MH or HPS light sources; you are experiencing a negative side effect of having these technologies. They are susceptible to higher lumen depreciation at a much faster rate than LED products do. Don't get it wrong though, LED products still do depreciate in lumens but it's simply not as fast and typically not nearly as much overall as it's competing light technologies. Lumen depreciation often makes facilities install more lights initially to counteract this depreciation overtime.

The issue with this is obvious: you are buying more fixtures than you actually need as well as you are over lighting your facility at the start. You can easily avoid this by getting an LED system installed which will allow you to only buy what you need and also prevent over lighting (which can be a bad thing just as much as under lighting can be). Both of these points: the flickering / buzzing and the low light situation can cause issues and create a dangerous environment. As a facility manager or building owner it's your responsibility to keep a building running smoothly, efficiently, as well as safely and securely.  

Decrease lighting bill costs.

Did you know that you are burning up energy that you don't really have to be burning up? It's true, technologies such as metal halide are literally eating up 50% more energy than you would be with LED products installed. If you could reduce your lighting bill costs by 50% or more, what benefits could you see? For starters it would improve your bottom line. Otherwise, if you are proud to be a green company this could be just another way to further that mission and prove you are doing everything is takes to cut down on waste as much as possible. The list could go on but the main benefit that makes almost every person want to make the switch to LED is the 50% or more reduction in lighting costs month to month. 

More Ways to Decrease Your Lighting Costs

Here we list a few ways that you can actually decrease your investment cost on a new LED lighting system in your warehouse or factory. These can all be applied in almost any situation and thus it's highly recommended you take advantage of every cost saving option you find available to you.  

Purchasing DLC qualified = Rebates.

DesignLights Consortium is, in basic terms, an organization that tests and either qualifies or doesn't qualify lighting products based on efficiency and quality. By buying a LED light that is qualified officially by the DLC (you will always want to confirm this), you open yourself up to rebate opportunities through your utility company. If you go with premium DLC qualified products your rebate will more likely be better than just DLC standard.  

Longer bulb life = Less Maintenance.

LED technology is know to last 2-3 or even 4 times longer than other light sources out there. By upgrading to an LED system in your warehouse you are reducing the amount of times you need to pay someone to replace your burnt out lights. This can get especially pricey since most warehouses have light fixtures mounted many feet above the floor. If you have 30, 40, or 50+ lights this can get very expensive for a warehouse facility. By opting in for a longer life light source (such as LED) you are going to reduce your maintenance costs dramatically (by 2-3 times). 

Some Common Questions

Here are some very common questions that we are asked regarding lighting for a warehouse:  

What exactly are the lighting fixtures used in warehouses and factories?

While an office in a warehouse will use the same lighting as any other office would (panels and tubes), the main floor and area of the warehouse is what we are talking about. Typically people install indoor bay fixtures in their warehouse or facility which are capable of producing a high amount of lumens (light) to light up such large areas with high ceiling spaces.  

What is a replacement kit? And should I replace just the bulb and ballast or the entire fixture?

To answer the first question: a replacement kit is simply a new bulb to replace the existing HID bulb. So if a light source goes out and you need to replace it, you simply take out the burnt out bulb and replace it with a retrofit kit. This is different than a full replacement in the sense that a full replacement requires you to get rid of the entire fixture altogether. So should you retrofit or fully replace? It all depends on your situation.

From higher quality to saving energy; there you have the main things a efficient and quality lighting system will do for your factory / warehouse. Are you a facility manager or someone who overlooks costs at a warehouse or factory facility? If so and you possess any questions or comments regarding this topic of lighting in a warehouse; please comment them down below! Share what's on your mind, we will reply with what we think. 

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