Retrofitting 1000W HID

The 1000W HID bulb is probably one of the most common HID lights on the market today. You can find them both indoors and outdoors, in large factories, gyms, sports arenas, as area lighting and security lighting. Along with their associated ballasts, these lights consume around 1150 Watts every time they are turned on. Want to learn how to save 75% or more?

Replacing 1000W HID with a LED 320W RetrofitKit

So what is a LED based 320W RetrofitKit? It is essentially a kit containing everything to replace the HID bulb and ballast in an existing fixture. Using your existing fixture, we basically take all the guts out of it (bulb, ballast, reflector and socket). To replace 750W-1000W HID, we recommend our LED 320W Retrofit.

In the above photo, you can see our Kit installed in a shoebox fixture. The kit included a LED Head and all the brackets to install the head into the existing fixture. In this case, the customer converted 1000W HPS over to the LED conversion kits and remarked how much brighter and safer his area was. All will saving over 700W per light.

Installing a RetrofitKit is easy:
1. remove the bulb.
2. remove the ballast
3. remove the reflector (you won't need it as LED light is directional)
4. remove the socket that held the old HID bulb.

Once the fixture is gutted, figure out what mounting option works best. There are many options. Mount the driver where the old ballast was located and wire it to the input wires of the fixture. Install the head onto the mounting bracket, and hook up the drivers red and black wires to the LED Heads red and black wires.

Clean the lens, close the fixture. Turn on the light.

Energy Savings: 320W LED versus 1000W HID

Below is a chart showing how much you can save, per fixture, converting from 1000W HID to 320W LED. This assumes 12 hours a day operation, 365 days a year.

320 LED Watts replacing 1000 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 3635 kw/year *
Cost per kw/hSavings per year
* includes ballast draw


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