Replace 1500W - 2000W HID HighBays with LED

You have high power HID HighBays, maybe 1500W or 2000W, but you want to convert over to LED. Not many options exist. Here are some LED options that can handle the job...

High Power LED HighBays

Most vendors can replace low power HID highbays. It's not hard to find options to replace 400W HID. But what about 1000W HID? 1500W? 2000W? That's a lot harder to find.

MyLEDLightingGuide has 2 high power LED HighBays options to replace these high power fixtures.

Replace 1000W HID

This LED 1000W HID Replacement HighBay produces 45,000 lumens at 300W. It comes as either a 100-277V or high voltage 277-480V option (for our Canadian customers it is cUL rated and can run at 347V). This light is DLC Premium listed, which means it it eligible for the highest rebates available. And we have these units in stock, so we can quick ship them to you

LED 300W HighBay

Replace 1500W - 2000W HID

This LED 1500W-2000W HID Replacement HighBay produces 72,000 and 96,000 lumens at 450W and 600W. It comes as either a 100-277V or high voltage 277-480V options, and like the 300W highbay listed above, it is cUL rated and can run at 347V. This light is also rebate eligible. This light can be mounted as a highbay or as a flood light, and can be used both indoors and outdoors as a flood light or sport light. It has many optic options, so it can be configured specifically for your environment.

LED 450W-600W HighBay

LED 450W-600W Sport Light

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