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Important Reasons Quality LED School Lighting is a MUST

It's agreeable that we all wish for the generations in school now and to come on all levels (elementary, middle / high school, and college) to be given a better environment than we were when in school. Specifically in this post we will be talking about the importance of efficient and more importantly quality lighting within a classroom, on campus, or even in the hallways. From the temperature of the light to the proper lumens, it's all important and ignoring even just one of these points can prove to cause average grades to drop school wide which is bad for endless amounts of reasons.

The following points are all applicable to the learning environment in any situation:  

Boosts learning performance.

A study that was conducted found that an environment in which the lighting that consisted of LED at 6500 k proved to be the best lighting for test taking. Studies found that the group testing under 6500 k light scored the highest against 5000 k and 3500 k. This in it of itself shows proof that with a dynamic lighting system in place (possible with LED), we can change the lighting around to meet the needs of the classroom activities. If you want to read, 5000 k was found to be most optimal. While test taking performed best at 6500 k. 

Increase in productivity.

Office managers have reported that when making the conversion to LED they noticed an uptick in productivity. Now you could say it's just a coincidence due to the fact that it's just a "new" or switched up environment. But we think it is a great way to increase focus (proved by the previous point), which in turn allows more tasks to get down.  

Helps with students Circadian Rhythm.

Teen's and young adults health are crucial to keep in check especially in their school years. LED lights mimic natural light, which allow the body to feel as if they are in real sunlight when they are in reality indoors 90% of the school day. By balancing out students circadian rhythm; you allow them to stay on track when it comes to their sleep, health, and overall function.  

Less distraction from bad lighting.

Have you ever been around a buzzing or flickering light? You probably have, and it doesn't take long before it starts taking away from your focus. And this type of scenario in a classroom can never yield good learning results. Thankfully, no matter how near an LED is to it's death it will never flicker nor buzz, period. Unlike other technologies which are susceptible to flickering, buzzing, and high lumen depreciation. If you want to keep your students on focus, don't let a flickering or buzzing light take away from their learning. 

Other Notes to Consider About LED Classroom and Campus Lighting Systems

Here are a few extra notes that are very important other than the benefits of quality school lighting systems. These extra notes can help you gain approval for upgrading your lighting system within your school facility if the other reasons weren't enough. Here they are:

  • Upgrading to LED can reduce lighting energy usage by 50% or more. That's right, making the switch away from common lighting technologies in schools such as florescent over to LED can cut your lighting bill down by 50%. This can be huge no matter how big your school is, how big of a parking lot you have, and how long you run your lights. 50% is a lot of energy being saved for any facility not just in education.
  • Rebates are available for schools and campuses too. Even though you might of thought that rebates were only available to residential consumers, think again! Rebates are typically available when you purchase efficient LED products that have been qualified by DesignLights Consortium (DLC). DLC qualified products are proven to meet strict criteria and prove to be not only the most efficient lights on the market but also ones of quality. This is all but another way LEDs can reduce your cost to upgrade your schools lighting system.
  • Reduce maintenance costs. Schools have a lot of lighting fixtures, from all the classrooms, hallways, and then areas like the gymnasium, cafeteria, and even the parking lot. They really add up, and by switching to LED you can realize a lot of savings simply through reduced maintenance costs. The reason behind this is simple: LED lasts longer than any other light source technology on the market allowing for less frequent changing of bulbs and work on your lighting system as a whole.
  • LED products don't contain mercury. While some technologies like CFL contain mercury in them, LEDs do not. They produce light through different means, all of which do not require this toxic chemical. Removing lights that contain mercury can provide a safer learning environment for both staff and students. This because when a CFL light is broken, it requires safe handling to clean it up, and in a school that could cause troubles.


Still not convinced on why quality and highly efficient LED lights for your school or campus are very important? Comment down below or contact us and explain why! Likewise, if you have more supporting facts we'd love to hear them too!  

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