What Qualifies a "Good" LED Commercial Lighting System?

Quality, quality, quality. We all strive to purchase not only affordable items but those of quality too. When it comes to your LED lighting needs, you surely search for the same. Whether you manage any of the following, quality still matters.

  • Office building
  • Warehouse
  • Government Applications
  • Factory
  • Hospital or Healthcare Facilities
  • and many more...

As you can see, no matter which type of scenario that lighting comes up in; it matters. Whether you run an office or a large factory; the quality of your lighting is highly important. We are going to list the most important points that qualifies "good" lighting systems, what to watch out for, as well as what to be on the look out for when it comes to your lighting purchases. 

Quality of light being produced.

The quality of light that your lighting system will make or break your lighting system investment. If you cheap out initially and go with cheaper light sources such as HPS, you will regret it in the long run. Not only does LED typically offer a better CRI score, but it has many other benefits such as...

  • They will NEVER flicker
  • They will NEVER buzz
  • They will not depreciate in lumens as fast nor as much as metal halide or HPS lights will

These are just obvious reasons why quality LED fixtures simply win in the category of quality light being produced. But not just is it best in regards to lumen output and it's technology; it wins overall. Keep reading to be amazed at how much LED will improve your work spaces.  

It's efficiency.

The best way to define an efficient lighting fixture is by it's lumen per watt output. A common example goes like this: Consider you need each light fixture to produce 13,500 lumens and you have two options on your plate. One company offers to supply a light that outputs at 90 lumens per watt. The other at 130 lumens per watt. Which should you choose? The one with more lumens per watt of course! But why exactly? Well, it's quiet simple. More lumens per watt a fixture produces; the less watts you will need to generate the same amount of light as a less efficient fixture does with more watts. So to continue the example, the 90 lumen / watt fixture will require 150 watts total to produce 13,500 lumens. While the 130 lumen / watt fixture will only require around 104 watts to produce the same exact light. So faced with the option, the obvious answer is obvious! The best part is, sometimes the cost per fixture is no different between companies and thus you are doing yourself a favor by going with the more efficient fixture. Just a side note: We are that company that offers higher lumen per watt fixtures than the competition!  

DesignLights Consortium.

 Letting the "DLC" do the work for you when it comes to defining a quality lighting product in the commercial space is simple yet highly effective. The DLC qualifies only those products that are efficient and of quality. Without being listed on the DLC's official website, we would suggest you stay away from those types of products. On top of that some can be Energy Star qualified which just as good depending on which type of fixture you are in need of. Just remember this one thing: If it isn't qualified by DLC, stay away, even if all else looks good!  

Quality gives rebates.

That's right! A quality lighting system such as an LED that is DLC qualified will almost surely help you meet the requirements to getting a rebate for your lighting system upgrade. Utility companies want you to be efficient when it comes to lighting usage; and by switching to one that is proven to be efficient they will surely reward you with a nice rebate. Do you want rebates for your lighting investment? If so; buy DLC qualified. 


There you have it, the main points that qualify a good and quality LED lighting product and / or system. Don't have these qualities in place? You may want to look further into it, do some research on the topic, or ask the experts what's right for you. Have any points to add? Comment them down below, we'd love to here more qualifying points regarding lighting products.

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