Purchase Lamps Based on Lumens not Watts

How to choose LED lamps. The replacement of lamps in an existing lighting system is connected to a lot of doubts when concerning the replacement of the lamp type. Changing the lamp type is a conventional process. The invention of the CFL lamp in the 90's allowed users to save energy by replacing their energy consuming incandescent lamps. A lot of labels and graphics on the products packages show the replacing types. There are numerous possible influences on a lighting solution. Changing the lamp is changing the most important factor, the lighting quality. Lamps define the light color, color rendering index, luminous flux (light output or brightness) and installed load.


Changing lamps is nothing else than comparing the features of the old system, characteristics like light color, color rendering index and luminous flux should stay the same, suggested the former illumination has been satisfying. Watch the luminous flux (measured in lumen) and compare them to the already installed one and choose an appropriate lamp. Here is an example which luminous flux (lumens are abbreviated by lm) can be replaced by which lamps:


Don't get confused by all the lighting features from the labels or packages. Concentrate on the characteristics like light color and color rendering index, they should be the same or at least similar. Choose the lamp according to luminous flux in lumens. Be confident when choosing (LED) lamps. They are efficient and offer twice till three times longer service times than CFL and Metal Halide light sources.

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