Photometric Results to Replace 400W Metal Halide Warehouse Light

So you have a factory or warehouse, and you currently have 400W Metal Halide or HPS fixtures, and you are thinking to convert over to LED. But you want to make sure that the light levels are good before you buy? How can you be sure?

It is simple. You need to create a photometric study of your area. How can this be done?

Software exists, like AGI32 or Dialux, that allows you to model your environment, width, height, number of fixtures, and then replace those lights with a LED fixture.

Now we don't expect you to do that. Or learn the software. We've done that.

So we can easily model an environment or space, indoors or outdoors, and place our lights in this model and "turn them on". What you see are the foot candle measurements of light to show you how bright it will be after you convert.

How can you tell how bright you are now? Simple. You can purchase a light meter or download an app onto your phone that you can then use to walk around your area and get readings.

So now you know how bright you currently are, and the software will tell you how bright you can be. What does this all look like?

Example 1: 120ft long X 60 ft wide, 30 feet high mounted at 25 ft. 3 rows of 8 150W LED UFO fixtures rated at 21,000 lumens

The results say: 55.03 Average Foot candles with a Min/Max Ratio of 2.01

Example 2: 120ft long X 60 ft wide, 30 feet high mounted at 25 ft. 3 rows of 8 200W LED UFO fixtures rated at 28,000 lumens

The results say: 73.05 Average Foot candles with a Min/Max Ratio of 2.02

Putting this all together

So what does this all mean? You have the means to determine what it will look like before you buy and install. There is nothing worse than investing $'s in a warehouse lighting conversion only to determine you really need 70fc thinking your current lighting is providing that. These simple steps can help you make the proper decision.

Want us to do a photometric evaluation for you?

To perform a proper photometric, we may ask you for:

  1. Current type and wattage of the existing fixture.
  2. Number of fixtures.
  3. Number of rows and columns.
  4. Size of space – width and length and fixture mounting height.
  5. Is the current light level adequate or do you want more.
  6. Do you want a one for one replacement or to reduce the fixture count.

MyLEDLightingGuide can create a photometrics project for you. Call us at 888.423.3191 and lets talk about your project. Or you can contact us by clicking the button below.

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