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Par Lights are a Popular Lighting Choice

DOE estimates of U.S. Lighting Market Characterization suggest that there are close to 350 million incandescent recessed lights in operation of which 76% are in the residential sector. Different types of bulbs can be used in recessed lights. Here is a description of some of the most common types of bulbs to help you make an informed choice.

Type of Lamp Image of Lamp Life Efficacy (Lumens per Watt) Description
Reflector Lamp (R-lamp) 2000 Hours 9 Lumens/ watt This kind of lamp throws light in one direction only. It is coated with a reflective material and is filled with an inert gas like argon. A number of R lamps have been phased out as they have poor luminous efficiency.
Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Lamp (PAR-lamp) 2000-3000 Hours 12.5 Lumens/ watt The reflector is Parabolic and projects a tighter beam of light than R lamps.PAR lamps are better for use in recessed fixtures as they throw a larger percentage of the light out of the fixture. Advanced PAR lamps use a reflector layer to retain heat and achieve a higher filament temperature and efficiency.
General Lighting Service GLS lamp (A-type) 750 Hours 15.8 Lumens/ watt The A type lamp is one its way out due to strengthening regulations on luminous efficiency. Though it is not a reflector lamp it is used in reflector lamp fixtures particularly in a residential setting.
LED PAR Light 30,000-50,000 Hours 100 Lumens/ watt This kind of lamp throws light in one direction only. It is coated with a reflective material and is filled with an inert gas like argon. A number of R lamps have been phased out as they have poor luminous efficiency.

A few simple calculations demonstrate the impact that PAR lights can bring about. The table below shows a base case scenario if incandescent PAR lights are replaced with Energy efficient LEDs.

Variable Residential Sector Commercial sector Total
Average daily operating hours 2.3 10
Annual kWh/lamp 61 266
Peak coincidence factor (% on at peak) 7 75
Average operating cost 0.1 0.1
Installed base (Millions) 265 85 350
With traditional Halogen Lamps
Lamp wattage (Average) 73 73
Annual kWh (millions) 16240 22648 38888
Peak demand (MW) 1354 4653 6007
Annual operating cost ($ Million) 1624 2264 3888
With energy efficient LED Par lights
Lamp wattage (Average) 12 12
Annual kWh (Millions) 2669 3723 6392
Peak demand (MW) 222 765 987
Annual operating cost ($ Million) 266 372 639

Savings ($ million) in operating costs from LED PAR lights 1357 1892 3249
Reduction in peak demand (MW) 1131.55 3888.75 5020.3

All the data used in the analysis above is in the public domain and anyone can draw up his own spread sheet. The figures may vary a bit but the conclusion will always be the same. Reducing energy consumption is the prudent choice. An annual saving of $ 3249 million is no small figure. Neither is the projected reduction in peak electricity demand. Installation costs of each additional KW of fresh electricity generating capacity range between $ 2700 to 6000 per KW.

Given that peak electricity demand can be reduced by 5020 MW the savings in installation costs alone would be of the order of 15000 to 25000 million dollars. The high cost of adding new generation capacity is the reason why many utilities encourage customers to reduce their energy consumption by giving rebates and educating them about energy efficiency. Energy efficient products have another advantage. They help bring productive, high value jobs back to United States. These are some of the reasons why MyLEDLightingGuide is committed to a greener future.  

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