3 Must Haves with Industrial Explosion Proof Fixtures

Explosion proof fixtures are a necessity for environments which output potentially explosive or flammable fumes, produce dust of dirt in the air, or similar situations in which a gas could enter the fixture and cause damage to the light or well-being of the facility. If you are currently running or working with a facility which requires these explosion proof light fixtures, the list of 3 must-haves below will clear the air and hopefully set you on the right track to ensuring you have the proper setup and design.

1. Choosing the best lighting technology within your fixture

While a big part of vapor proof lights is the actual fixture and its design, we think the luminaire within the fixture is equally as important. We simply can't recommend any other technology other than LED because we truly believe in it. To give you a little bit of insight on industrial LED, here are some of the reasons why companies of all sorts are converting to LED:

  • Energy reductions up to 75%
  • Increased lifespan by 2-3+ times
  • Better quality of light (no flickering or buzzing)

As you can see, just from these three main benefits that all sorts of facilities are realizing can really be game changing in terms of savings. For these reasons (and more), we thought it was a must to have it first on the list.

2. The proper classifications

Having the wrong light in the wrong environment can lead to some serious issues. For example, a light classified as Class 1 Div 1 is different than Class 1 Div 2. For this reason, we suggest you always inquire with a reputable and knowledgeable company that offers and deals with explosion proof lighting when inquiring about your lighting project. If you can't find a reputable company to ask your questions, call us at (888) 423-3191 and we will gladly help you out! 

3. Cost savings for LED Explosion Proof Fixtures

It's a must with any lighting project, and that goes for explosion proof fixtures as well. If you are considering long-term cost savings, LED can provide that in many direct and indirect ways. As for initial costs, LED can (by default) be more costly. But, when you factor in retrofitting, rebates, and all of the long-term cost savings that LED explosion proofs offer the long-term solution is clear. Especially when you consider in rebates, your initial upfront investment can be reduced greatly. While these rebates do vary from place to place, they are most often available when you buy DLC qualified fixtures. Not only are DLC qualified fixtures going to make you more eligible for rebates through your utility company, but they also provide other benefits. The biggest benefit of buying DLC qualified lights is they have been tried and tested and, in most cases, do what they claim. In a busy world of lighting, not all products do exactly what they say.

This is most common when a light is not qualified by something like the DLC. Our main advice is this; to get the best value buy only DLC qualified fixtures. If you don't, you may actually end up spending more upfront (by not getting any rebates) as well as more energy usage overtime, due to a less efficient build.   Another major cost saver can come through retrofitting. The only time you can retrofit is if your fixture is still functional and can fit a retrofit/replacement kit in it. If you do not match these requirements, then a full replacement will (typically) be required. If you can, we suggest you retrofit. It saves money in two ways: retrofit kits are cheaper than full fixture replacements and the cost to retrofit is typically less time consuming and thus, less expensive. 

In Summary
We know that a sensitive environment can be stressful to deal with, especially when it comes to the lighting system and the safety of the facility. The above 3 must-haves are just the beginning, and each situation can vary greatly. As always, we suggest you consult with some lighting professionals to truly discover what you may require for your facility and operations. Hopefully, this post has supplied you with the first step and details that you should always be aware of, no matter where you are in the conversion process.

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