A Month in The LED Lighting Industry: Roundup For November 2016

This months roundup post is for the month of November, 2016. It's been a crazy month, but nonetheless; happy thanksgiving!   This month has been filled with tons of crazy news, and we are about to share it all with you in this months LED lighting link roundup. From insects and LEDs to towns and cities retrofitting their streetlights, we are going to cover these and many more in this edition. Now... Here is the third addition of A Month in The LED Lighting Industry Link Roundup…  

Utility Company Replacing Street Lights With LEDs To Reduce Cost
This utility company predicts that the conversion of the street lights to LED will cut energy costs by 22%. On top of that, they have a 20-year expected life which is beneficial for multiple reasons including reduced maintenance costs.
Several Cities Convert To LED Streetlights In Conservation Efforts
Listen (or read) in on this conversion where they talk about cities that have made the conversions, what it has done, and who is planning to convert next. It's exciting stuff to hear about all of these cities making the conversion, especially since they are all saving money and producing better light.
China’s LED Lighting Market Value Soars in 2016
LED technology has soared in market value over in China this year to over $72.45 billion USD.
East Lyme to begin retrofitting streetlight with LEDs
This town is making a smart move by retrofitting their streetlights throughout the town. Not only will they save in energy consumption reductions, but they will also reduce initial investment costs by retrofitting over replacing.
Insects and LED Lights New Research
How are wildlife and insects affected by outdoor LEDs? This *video* goes over the topic, and how they may be affecting insects specifically.
Streetlight conversions to LEDs continue throughout the country
The trend of streetlight conversions over to LEDs is growing strong throughout the United States.
LEDs Light Up Indoor Farming and Marijuana Cultivation
Marijuana growing is becoming a huge industry, and quickly too. LED technology is making growers be able to turn a better profit all while growing better crop.
Occupancy Sensors and LEDs Evolve in Unison
Occupancy sensors have been a thing for years, and they are a simple concept that reduce waste. But they are evolving, LED and occupancy sensors, to better fit technology of the future.
Interesting Reads
Here are some really interesting advancements in the LED lighting industry that we've found out this month. Definitely an interesting read for anyone interested in the technology as a whole.
LEDs come in rainbow colors
A new way to achieve various vibrant colors is making it cheaper and more efficient to do so. Learn how it's done by reading this one!
How Light Bulbs Watch You Buy Groceries
Discover how grocery stores may start using their lighting fixtures for their stores.
New LEDs may offer better way to clean water in remote areas
Engineers at The Ohio State University are developing foil based LEDs which will allow people to purify water for drinking and sterilize medical equipment on the go.
Would you like to suggest an interesting piece of news or related topic to LED lighting for future publications of our lighting link roundups? Simply comment below and we will consider it for future publications!
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