A Month in The LED Lighting Industry: Roundup For October 2016

This month of our LED industry link roundup is for the month of October of 2016. Also, we couldn't forget... Happy Halloween! This month we've seen lots of news about schools converting to LED and how cucumbers are seeing positive results from LED technology, along with some really great news about MyLEDLightingGuide. The news regarding the LED industry is ever increasing in excitement, and as the technology grows, expands, and simply gets better; the news will continue to be better and better. Without further ado, here is the second addition of A Month in The LED Lighting Industry Link Roundup...  

MyLEDLightingGuide announces dismissal of LED lighting patent infringement lawsuit filed by Global Tech LED We've had a pretty exciting month here at MyLEDLightingGuide. The dismissal of the LED lighting patent infringement lawsuit filed by Global Tech LED will result in the continuance of selling our retrofit kit LED without any penalty (because well, the complaint has been dismissed with prejudice by GTL). We strongly believe that we never infringed on any patent, and this was the conclusion all parties came to. This allows us to continue selling all of our lighting retrofits as usual, and we will continue to do so with even more persistence now that this has passed.  

Cambridge University Library Makes The Switch to LED In collaboration with Lumie, the Cambridge University Library has decided to make the switch over to LED technology to promote better studying along with other major benefits that the technology will bring to it's students. The switch is big, and just goes to show that LED technology is beneficial in many ways other than just saving energy.  

LEDs Will Light Up Homer Harbor Next Year Yet another city in the process of upgrading their cities lighting system over to LED technology. Next year Homer Harbor is going to be making the switch over to LED, which will surely inspire even more cities and towns to do the same.  

Energy Efficiency Projects To Save Tinker Air Force Base $3.5M Annually This Air Force base is going to save $3.5 million / year after finishing all of their energy efficient projects. These projects include modernizing the heat and cooling systems, retrofitting light fixtures with more efficient lights, conversing water measures, and more.  

San Francisco to install LED lights in street lamps to minimize maintenance, improve safety Interesting enough another big city is about to convert over to LED technology. The reasoning for them is to reduce maintenance due to longer lifespans in LED technology as well as to improve safety. Read this article to discover more of the reasoning behind the conversion and what is driving this major city to make the conversion.  

Martinsville Speedway to switch to LED in 2017 The year 2017 is coming up fast, and that means in about a year or so, the Martinsville Speedway will be another facility to convert over to an efficient LED lighting system for their track. We've seen cities making the switches a lot recently, so it's exciting to see a new application appear in the news.  

B.P. Schools Still Looking for Savings via LED Lighting and Solar This school is seriously making a huge sustainable decision with LED lighting and solar. That will provide a highly sustainable situation, depending on how much of that solar power goes to powering the school lighting system. Since LED lights use much less energy to run, this could produce a very high ROI situation for this school and any others that follow suit. 

Interesting Reads
Here are some interesting reads that we found this month. They aren't exactly news we should all know about per se, but they sure are interesting for anyone interested in LEDs!  

Blue LEDs Light Up Your Brain This post talks about the LED light that is emitted from our phones and how it can effect us. This is definitely a good and in-depth read on the topic that is actually extremely insightful. Bravo for this one, Scientific American!  

Trials see cucumbers gain from LED lighting LED plant lighting systems are being tested and proven to show positive results to crops indoors. This post is an interesting read for anyone who's interested in how LED technology is effecting the indoor grow industry, this one specifically with cucumbers.    

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