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How Lighting Can Impact Sales for Your Retail Store

Proper lighting and positioning is a major factor in enhancing your brand image, building a customer base and increasing the sales of your retail store. A well-designed store is bound to generate higher sales than the one with an ordinary interior. Shoppers these days are more knowledgeable and opinionated than ever before. There is a need for retailers to equip themselves with the right skills and tools to attract their attention and make shopping a memorable experience for them.

Upgrading the lights and positioning is one of the easiest ways to restore and enhance your store’s appeal, thereby making an impact on the sales.

The Retail Welcome

Your store’s exteriors and lighting systems are vital. This is the place making way to the store entrance. If your store is inside a shopping mall, then you might spend more on ads, signage and billboards, or else lighting should be the focus.

The parking lot and pathway should be well lit with proper lighting outdoors. Mostly, we tend to focus on name boards which are aesthetically designed with spotlights. But outside area should never be ignored. The entrance of the store makes an emotional connection with a shopper. That’s where you showcase your products. Proper lighting and correct positioning can make all the difference here. Even an ordinary product can be made to look good when the lighting is spot on. This persuades the people who don’t intend to shop in the first place, enter your store. Good lighting designers would strongly suggest using a variety of lighting intensities, colors, fixtures and placements to craft an impressive entrance.  

Product Lighting

The right lighting at various areas within a retail store increases shoppers’ engagement with the products. Different lighting caters to different products which could be dissimilar in shape, size, texture, pattern and color. The lighting needs to be in tune with the products that your brand sells, so at the time of testing, customers can closely experience the appearance and usefulness of the products they want to purchase. For example in a clothing store, the color of lighting often makes a garment look different in terms of shade and tone. Lighting for walls and decorative stuff in your store should never take precedence over product lighting. You are there to sell your products and not murals or ceilings.

A retail store for interior items is an exception. Light boxes can enhance the appearance of your top products and special items. Since shoppers are naturally drawn to striking and unique displays, these items gain instant visibility. This makes it a great opportunity to showcase the best sellers, higher margin items, or even items you simply wish to sell faster.  

Lighting the Fitting Rooms

Proper illumination within the fitting or trial rooms ensures an easy selection and product check for shoppers. Make sure that the colors, quality, and fit are clearly visible. Smart lighting with careful use of mirrors and cabinets makes a product look better when tried on.  

Customer Experience is Paramount – Some Tips
  • Light fixtures along with the architectural design can help to attract shoppers and ensure that they leave with a desire to come back.
  • To create an inviting and appealing space, avoid using overly dim or very bright lights, and stay away from the harsh variety such as fluorescent.
  • Light fixtures can make an impression through colors, special effects and geometric forms. It also helping to retain space. For example, in a children’s store, you can make use of light fixtures that are fun and playful. Sophisticated and elegant fixtures will serve your purpose well for a high-end clothing store; whereas for a grocery store the most important thing is that the light fixtures are fully functional.
  • Creating a passage or a channel midway through the store with the help of lights encourage shoppers to explore even the distant side, especially if the area is huge.
  • The exit lighting can be designed to instill specials memories that the brand wants the shoppers to take with them. Interior and exterior lighting can be used together to help and ease shoppers’ transition back to the outside.

Right lighting and positioning is only one of the parameters among others that define sales strategies but mostly, it is overlooked by retailers. Store owners and retailers must find out a way to measure if the store lighting is making an impact to their footfalls and sales. The results would certainly convince them revive the entire store from lighting perspective.

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