LED Tip 5: Never Buy LED based on Watts

This is by far one of the most important tips and advice we can ever provide to our customers. Here are the 4 steps you need to go through to determine the correct LED Light for your application and therefore, the watts it consumes.

Step 1: How many foot candles do you need to light up your area?

An area can be indoors or outdoors. Do you currently have lights installed? Do you like the light levels? If so, then get yourself a light meter, or install a light meter app on your cell phone (not as accurate but it will give you a good indication of the light level). Take the reading, and remember it. If it is in LUX, that is ok, its just another way to measure light. If you think its too bright, tell us. If you think its too dim, tell us. We can always adjust it.

Step 2: Lets do a photometric study!

What is a photometric study? Its special lighting software that allows us to model your indoor or outdoor area, locate the light sources, and then place our lights into the software and the simulates the foot candle readings within that space. With this software, you can change out lights, change out optics, change light placement, change lighting angles or mounting heights. When it is finished, you will have an exact printed guide to how the new LED Lights will perform in your area. This is the light you need! This can also be modified. After you see your print out, we can adjust. What do we charge for this? Almost all the time, its free. When is it not? When you have an extremely complicated area or ask us to do large projects and many areas. Just call us, we can discuss.

Step 3: Understanding the lumens the LED Fixture / Lamp produces

Choosing the right fixture is not done by guessing. As a company, MyLEDLightingGuide works with some of the best engineered LED lights available today. What makes our lights stand out is the quality, the testing the lights go through during the manufacturing process, including the proper burn in time. Our lights have some of the best warranties available: We have Retrofit Conversion Kits with 10 year warranties, High Mast lights as well. And they are some of the most efficient on the market as well. That means they produce lumens efficiently, consuming the least amount of watts to do so. So choosing the right light also means choosing an efficient solution. So when we do a photometric study, we choose efficient products that meet your lighting requirements.

Step 4: Now you know the watts of the LED Fixture

Once you determine the correct fixture to meet your light requirements, now you know the watts of the LED fixture that will replace your current lighting. Without all these steps, you are guessing. And guessing will result in mistakes. If you take the time to do Steps 1-3 first, this process will never be a guess.

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