LED Tip 3: Avoid Retrofit Solutions Which Use Socket Adapters

We've all seen them. Retrofit units that come complete with a socket adapter, typically E39, that allows you to screw them into the fixtures socket. Good idea right? Wrong. Read this so you don't get caught with a costly mistake.

Some kits include an adapter that allows you to screw into the existing socket of a fixture. While this sounds like a good idea, and you might even think it will save you installation time, there are two serious problems with this type of installation method.

LED Conversion Units weigh more than HID / Metal Halide Bulbs

This cannot be argued. The socket in the fixture was designed to hold a HID bulb, not a LED Conversion unit. LED Conversion units are 5X + times heavier than a bulb. Now, add to this the socket may be old and brittle. Or it may be pole mounted and vibrates and sways with the wind. It will cause the socket to fail, and your investment in a retrofit unit may come crashing down on the fixtures glass, and get damages. All that time you saved (minimal at best) at initial installation is now lost by a costly repair. You may even have to buy a new retrofit head. This type of failure is NOT COVERED by warranty.

With MyLEDLightingGuide kits, you must remove the socket and install our configurable mounting arms using the same holes that attached the socket. You've now eliminated the weak link. And in terms of installation time, this extra step takes a few minutes more.

LED Kits with Mogul Adapters can only be DLC Standard Qualified

DesignLights Consortium has 2 standards, DLC (Standard) and DLC Premium. DLC Premium is the more efficient of the 2 standards. You cannot get a DLC Premium Qualification if your kit uses a mogul base adapter.

Why is this important?

Utility companies give bigger rebates for DLC Premium Qualified products. Bigger rebates means less cost at time of purchase. This will help more than offset the extra few minutes it takes to use the proper mounting brackets instead of a failure prone mogul socket adapter.

Some utilities are only offering Rebates on DLC Premium Qualified Products

Each utility runs its own rebate program, and it varies. There is no standard. Recently, one of the largest utilities in the nation stopped offering rebates on DLC (Standard) Qualified products. And that includes all LED Conversion Kits with a screw-in adapter for a mogul socket. So yet another reason why a screw in adapter is a bad idea.

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