LED Tip 2: 5 Reasons you should retrofit your existing fixtures to LED

When it comes to purchasing LED, you have 2 real options. Purchase a brand new fixture, or replace the bulb and ballast on your existing fixture over to LED. This is a simple must read list of 5 things you should consider to determine if retro fitting is a good option for you

1. You have a significant investment in your existing fixtures.

You may be sitting on a large investment of indoor or outdoor fixture. It's all integrated. Heads match poles. With a new fixture, you would have to throw away your investment of something that looks great and had absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Enter LED Conversions! This process involved removing the bulb, ballast. socket and reflector (there is no light to reflect, LED is directional lighting) and replacing the bulb with a LED Head and the ballast with a LED driver. The head uses a supplied mounting bracket that bolts directly into the same holes that held the socket, and the driver mounts in the same location as the ballast. You don't need to drill new holes. Typical installation time is around 15 min once you figure out the proper configuration for your fixture.

2. There is nothing wrong with your existing fixtures.

Your fixtures are in perfect condition. They are water tight and work perfectly well. But you want to convert to LED and realize all the savings associated with that. MyLEDLightingGuide Retrofit Solutions will install easily within 99% of all fixtures that currently contain an HID bulb, like Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium.

3. City or county code requires permits to install new fixtures.

Your city or county may require you to apply and get approval for replacing an existing fixture with a new one. Maybe the fixtures are historic in nature. Maybe they are concerned about loads generated by the new fixtures. These permits may cost you both time and money.

With a retrofit solution, you can typically bypass all this red tape. You are doing nothing more than exchanging out an old bulb with a highly efficient LED solution. In the majority of times, converting over to LED by retrofitting can save you money and head-aches.

4. You get all the same benefits of a new LED Fixture at a lower cost.

Fixtures aren't cheap. Re-cycling perfectly good fixtures aren't cheap either. When you do a bulb and ballast replacement, you get all the benefits of converting to LED without a lot of the extra costs associated with the conversion. And despite what others may say
  • LED Conversion Kits are ETL Listed and will not affect the UL status of your existing fixture, as long as you follow instructions
  • MyLEDLightingGuide Retrofit Solutions are DLC Premium Qualified and eligible for rebates
  • Retrofit Solutions DO last a long time. Ours are warrantied for 10 years.
  • We use extremely high end components - Nichia Chips and Meanwell Drivers. 

5. Installation is typically simpler with using a retrofit solution.

An installation of a Retrofit Solution can be accomplished by 1 electrician. It sometimes takes 2 electricians to install a new fixture. Time to install a retrofit solution can be as little as 15 min per fixture, once the electrician has figured out the optimal mounting bracket and installation procedures.

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