LED Tip 19: Why LED Makes Better Security Lights than HID

One of the best reasons to add lighting to the outside of your building is a good measure to increase security and reduce crime. But HID, as the prevalent option before the wide spread acceptance of LED, is actually more costly and less effective than if you switched to LED. Here's a quick tip on why LED makes perfect sense over HID.

1. Instant On, Instant Off with LED

With HID, like MetalHalide, HPS and the likes, they have long strike times, so turning on the light to full output can take 15-30 minutes. This lends itself as a terrible option for sensor controls such as motion sensors. With a motion sensor attached to a LED Flood Fixture, for example, lights can go from off, or dimmed, to full power in less than 1 second. When no further motion is detected, the lights can dim, or go off.

There are 2 significant benefits from this: first, saving energy, lights are only on when they need to be. Second, nothing would be more startling to would be offenders than going into an environment where it appears dark and then goes to very bright in less than a second.

2. Higher CRI = Higher Quality of Light to work with security cameras

If you incorporate security cameras around your commercial or industrial area, then you also know that having high quality light will help police identify persons better than having to look at people or objects under a low quality source of light. HPS is notoriously bad light source, MetalHalide is better, but LED is the best.

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