LED Tip 14: Calculating Cost Savings for Outdoor Lighting

You've heard and probably even believe you can save money by switching over to LED? But how much? This quick tip will walk you through the calculations

What do you currently have for lighting?

Understanding what your current lights are is key? 400W? 1000W? Ballasts? Keep in mind most HID Lighting has a ballast, and a ballast will consume 15% more than what the bulb consumes alone. So if you have 400W HPS lights, then chances are you are consuming at least 460 Watts per fixture.

What will your new LED Solution Be?

As discussed in many of the previous tips, converting to LED is easy if you walk back from foot candles to watts. Figuring out the proper light levels, and then figure out the best solution to meet your requirement. That's how you get to your new fixture and the watts it consumes.

Putting it all Together

So if you get through the first two steps (hint - we can make this easy for you), then how do you calculate your savings. Say for example, you decide to retrofit your existing 400W shoebox fixture with a 100W retrofit. That's a good start. How many hours do you run each night? What's your cost of electricity? Knowing this helps us solve the math.

But wait, there's an easy button. We built an online savings calculator that takes all the pain of doing this calculation. Try it, or call us, and we can run the numbers for you.

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