LED Tip 1: How to Choose the Right Color Temperature

Choosing the right color temperature when you choose LED lights is important, and the color temperature will be different depending on the application.

Here is a quick list to help you make your decision.

  1. Color temperatures you should consider are in the range of 2700K to 6500K.
  2. Color temperatures on the lower end (2700K) tend to be warmer (yellow in color).
  3. Color temperatures on the higher end (6500K) tend to be cooler (blue in color).
  4. A good color temperature to replace MH and HID is 5000K.
  5. A good color temperature to replace High Pressure Sodium is 4000K. You could also choose 2700 or 3000K if you like the appearance of a yellow light.
  6. 4000K is a great color temperature indoors for offices, schools, hospitals and other areas of work.
  7. 3000K is a great color temperature for the home. It contains very little blue light, is soft and warm.

On top of these tips, there is no difference between the LEDs inside a complete fixture and a LED designed to replace the bulb and ballast inside an existing fixture.

First generation LED chips had trouble maintaining color temperature with age. These issues should not be a problem with today's high quality LEDs. Nichia, CREE and Samsung are reputable LED chip manufacturers.

What is binning?

If you have an application that requires a precise color temperature, them pay attention to binning. At MyLEDLightingGuide, we can accommodate tight color temperature requirements by specifying the color temperature you need to our manufacturing engineers to ensure that your color temperature is exactly what you need with the appropriate tolerances.

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