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7+ Must Read LED Lighting Articles

The world of lighting, LED specifically, can get overwhelming for those that are not directly in the space. From lumens, to watts, efficacy, and more; jargon and terms aren't doing you any good if you don't know what they mean. Not only is it just about LED terms, but also general concepts, facts, and methods of LED lighting technology and the fundamentals that are important to understand to use LED to it's fullest potential. In this post, we've gather the 7+ "must read" LED lighting articles you should read if you want to understand LED lighting a bit more and be much better off when you dive into the industry and technology. Whether you are a facility manager, electrical contractor, or building owner; all of these articles we've gathered will certainly give some value and we hope you enjoy them all 

Lighting Language: The Basics Discover commonly unknown terms and their definitions on one simple and easy to read page. From light efficiency to Color Rendering Index, it covers a lot of useful and basic terms you will need to know.  

LED Terms: Technical This page gets into the more technical terms, such as ballasts to dimmers. It's also a great post for anyone wants to get an understanding of LED fixtures and their parts. This and the previous article is really a "must" for just a basic understanding of LED.. from just two LED articles.  

How to Choose the Right Parking Lot Light Converting your parking lot lights (or any fixture) to LED doesn't need to be a daunting task if you just follow this steps and understand how to proceed with this project  

LED vs Metal Halide Don't have CFL but rather metal halide lights? This post covers 9 huge points that compare LED technology to metal halide, and shows the clear winner of LED all throughout the post.  

LED vs Fluorescent Tubes: 9 Comparisons Comparison posts are great because they let us to put our current lights up to another and see who performs better. Since fluorescent lights are very common, we had to add this one to the list because we know it must apply to a lot of you!  

DesignLights Consortium vs Energy Star Qualified: Explained Don't know what the difference between the DesignLights Consortium and Energy Star qualified lights are? It's covered here, and it's a great read for understanding what the difference is, and why it matters.

Replacement Kits to replace HID in your existing fixture You can convert over to LED by either replacing your fixtures or replacing the bulb and ballast in your fixture with a LED Conversion Kit. Here are some answers to questions we get all the time when it comes to retrofitting your existing fixtures.

Here we've put together a few extra posts we thought were interesting as well, and are certainly worth a check for more in-depth LED lights articles.

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