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How bright will your space be after you convert to LED Lighting? That’s a great question. No one wants to spend money on a LED lighting conversion project only to find out the room isn’t bright enough. Or too bright. Saving money is one thing. Ending up with the right results is just as important when upgrading to LED lights.

So, how can you make sure the light you choose will be the right choice? How many watts? How many lumens? What optics should you use? It’s hard to look at a cutsheet and determine unequivocally that this is the perfect light for the job.


Lighting Photometrics

Fortunately, there are lighting calculations that can be done to give you a relatively great representation of what the lights will look like before you buy. The software MyLEDLightingGuide uses to models interior and exterior spaces utilizing different types of light sources, different configurations (rows/columns of lights) and optics.

For example, if you have high ceilings, you might want to consider a lower angle optic to put the light on the ground, and less on the walls. Lighting calculations can model all of this for you.


Example 1: a warehouse space 200 ft long, 100 ft wide, 35 ft high with a goal of 30 foot candles.

The lighting calculation shows you need 4 rows of 9 of our 150W LED UFO to achieve 30 foot candles (fc) with uniform light distribution.


Example 2: a warehouse space 200 ft long, 100 ft wide, 35 ft high with a goal of 50 foot candles.

The lighting calculation shows you need 5 rows of 12 of the same 150W LED UFO Fixtures to achieve 60 fc with uniform light distribution.

So by doing a simple lighting calculation, you can see what your space can look like before you even spend 1 dollar. MyLEDLightingGuide can assist you in finding out what you need, and which one of our lights is the best light distribution for your warehouse, factory or building.

Want us to do a photometric for you?

We can, and 95% of the time, we do them for free. Fill out the contact form below, and we can show you how converting to LED lighting will improve the light in your space before spending any money.

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