Improved Lighting Performance for your Parking Lot

We all know LED saves money over traditional light sources. But how good is the light from LED? Will it make your parking lot brighter and safer?

Lighting Performance of LED Lights for the Parking Lot

Lighting performance is a critical and sometimes overlooked component in the evaluation of deciding whether to convert to LEDs or stay with traditional HID lamps like MetalHalide and HPS.

You must ask yourself, are the lights illuminating the area properly? Are my customers and employees safer? Will crime increase or decrease after the conversion?

Traditional HID fixture often produce a “bright area” directly underneath the pole with light levels decreasing as the distance from the pole increases. The distribution of light is horrible. Even worse, if HPS light is used, the quality of light is horrible, at best. In contrast, LED fixtures distribute light can be equipped with optics to provide an even distribution of light from the pole outward. Bright spots are eliminated, and the light is bright and more uniform over the entire area. What this means is that light levels across the parking area will be more even and constant compared to what HID does. So LEDs reduce this “bright area” issue through even light distribution.

LEDs are also available in a range of color temperatures. Typical ranges for parking lots are 4000K to 5000K. The higher the color temperature, the brighter it will appear, although we do caution you not to exceed 5500K.

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