How to Confirm the Safety of Fixture Retrofit Kits

One of the best decisions a company can ever make is to upgrade to LED technology. Most businesses, in an effort to cut costs, choose retrofitting over a full redesign. Others do so in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance. Without a doubt, LED Fixture Retrofits offer a myriad of benefits.  However, from time to time, questions arise regarding their safety.

To address this concern once and for all, we decided it’s time to list the features that make LED Fixture Retrofits just as safe as brand new fixtures.

Safety Features of Retrofit Conversion Kits

The 3 main attributes that determine the safety of LED Retrofit Kits are the certifications, the brand credibility, and the installation process. Retrofits (LED) for HID Fixtures that lack the right certification, are made by disreputable brands, and are not properly installed may cause many potential hazards.

Let's examine each one of these features in detail.

UL Certification

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a 3rd party organization that establishes safety specifications and carries out tests on products to make sure they are safe for the workplace and the public. The organization uses the UL1598C standard to choose retrofits that don’t negatively affect the functionality of completed lighting units.

Retrofits for HID fixtures that have been tested and comply with the applicable UL standard – which also undergo periodic inspection to ensure they are up to par – bear the UL Listed mark. All products that are UL listed appear on a list on the UL website.

ETL Certification

The ETL Listed Mark is proof of product safety. Kits bearing this mark have met the minimum requirements of the set product safety standards. The mark also indicates that a manufacturer's production site conforms to different compliance measures and undergoes periodic follow-up inspections to prove continued conformance.

All products that bear UL and ETL Listed Marks have met the minimum requirements of nationally accepted product safety standards. These products go through independent testing in a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). As part of the testing procedure, product manufacturers agree to periodic follow-up inspections to prove continued compliance.

Most electrical professionals, project managers, and contractors steer clear of kits that are not UL or ETL listed – and with good reason. Without these certifications, there is no way of knowing how safe a lighting fixture is.


Next to certifications, incorrect installation of these kits is the second most common safety concern. In fact, it is such a huge concern that UL issued a warning on the potential hazards of improper installation of these kits. If retrofit installations are wrongly done, they can create hazards where none existed before. To ensure these kits are properly installed, hire a certified contractor with a lot of experience in retrofitting MetalHalide and HPS Fixtures.

Brand Credibility

The last important feature that can determine the safety of LED Fixture Retrofits is the credibility of the manufacturer. Reputable brands, such as MyLEDLightingGuide, have high-quality kits with the right certifications and ensure each kit contains detailed installation instructions. One way to check whether a manufacturer is of great repute is by doing an online search.

However, it is worth noting that not all companies that manufacture retrofits are reputable. Some may recommend retrofitting even when it’s completely unnecessary. Take time to do thorough research and get different expert opinions before deciding whether a retrofit conversion kit is ideal for your project. Remember, LEDs have a long lifespan and the decision you make will stick with you for a long time.

The Takeaway

High-quality LED Fixture Kits have nationally recognized certifications, are made by reputable brands, and come with detailed installation guides. To avoid potential hazards, these kits must be installed by retrofitting experts. If contractors and facility managers follow these recommendations, they will choose retrofit conversion kits that are just as safe as new fixtures.

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