How to Choose Highbay Light Fixtures for Aircraft Hangars

We'll start this post by asking a thought-provoking question. "Where do you think airplanes go after dropping off passengers at an airport and don't have any other scheduled flights?"

We'll start this post by asking a thought-provoking question. "Where do you think airplanes go after dropping off passengers at an airport and don't have any other scheduled flights?"

The answer is one you may or may not know: they go to aircraft hangars. Hangars are closed building structures that hold aircraft or spacecraft as they are inspected, repaired, or protected from the elements. Hangars are often called glorified garages for airplanes and can vary from simple structures to environmentally-controlled maintenance facilities.

The lights of choice for both small and large aircraft hangars are usually high bay light fixtures, because the structures have very high ceilings (35ft-75ft). These fixtures provide sufficient light and extensive light coverage in large spaces.

Until recently, most aircraft hangars were illuminated using inefficient lighting systems such as high pressure sodium or metal halide lights that made it difficult for aircraft technicians to discern colors and contrast. Aircraft hangars must have lighting with a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and color temperature for enhanced productivity. Upgrading aircraft hangar lighting to LED technology results in low operation costs and better working conditions.

Today, we’ll discuss how aircraft hangars should be illuminated and how MyLEDLightingGuide can be of help.

First, Examine the Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft hangars are not the same, so you must examine the hangar you are buying lights for or you may end up buying lights that are too bright or too dull.

When buying LED lighting fixtures, your goal should be to buy those that discharge bright and clear light and provide good coverage. Aircraft technicians and workers in the hangar must be able to carry out their work with ease during the day and at night. According to research, good lighting can positively impact workers’ productivity and energy levels.

Lights that are too bright can have a negative impact on productivity as people won't be able to see what they are doing. The size of an aircraft hangar also determines the number of light fixtures needed and their wattage.

Get the Right Fixtures to Ensure the Area is Properly Illuminated

The light fixtures in aircraft hangars are usually installed near the ceilings to make it easy for workers to clean and repair airplanes. High bays provide bright light from very high points, but in order for them to create a safe environment at the ground level, they must not be too bright and cause glare.

To prevent glare, you must ensure the light fixtures you buy provide sufficient brightness. But if glare becomes an issue in the future, you can reduce it by applying flat paint on the walls, incorporating reflectors into fixtures, and positioning fixtures away from an operator's sight line.

Choose the Right LED Fixtures

Aircraft hangars are usually massive and finding the right lighting for them can be an uphill climb. This is why you should work with lighting experts who will help you choose the right LED highbay light fixtures for an aircraft hangar. These fixtures make perfect replacements for High Intensity Discharge lights and provide uniform light and good coverage.

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