High Quality LED HighMast Lights And Sport / Stadium Lights

The overtaking of LED have conquered many frontiers – retail displays, refrigerator lighting, office lighting, fluorescent tube replacement, spotlights, wall washers and many others. Government guidelines and the availability of stimulus funds have helped, but the biggest boost has come from enlightened customers who have understood the need to cut energy use and reduce carbon dioxide and mercury emissions.

Gone are the days when energy efficient lights were seen as an avoidable expense. More and more corporations, warehouse managers, municipalities and individuals are realizing that energy efficiency measures are a prudent and compulsory investment for sustaining not just their future performance but also necessary in reducing carbon emissions for the planet and its citizens. After all, it is difficult to argue against high quality lighting products that come with over 80 % cost savings, a decade or more of service life and payback periods as short as a year.

High quality LED lights - UL and ETL Listed - DLC Listed

MyLEDLightingGuide has a range of products manufactured to exacting standard. We offer produces made here in the USA and overseas at some of the best factories. We have personally visited all the factories numerous times. We watch how the lights are built, and as important, how the lights are tested. This is important. When you spend time in the best factories, you understand when you visit a factory how they compare just by the way they produce their product. Every product that we sell is either UL or ETL Listed. CE is not good enough. It is not a USA recognized standard. Some of the overseas manufacturers believe 'CE' stands for 'China Export'. That's not a safety standard.

(LED) High-Mast Light Metrics

MyLEDLightingGuide has a complete range of (LED) High Mast Fixtures and (LED) Stadium Lights for use in a wide range of applications - Sports Parks, Ball Parks, Stadiums, Container Ports, Airports, Highways and DOT roadways  or Track and Field Facilities that make for a compelling economic choice.

Wattage (Lumens) Light Output Replaces Energy savings*
100 W Retrofit Kit 15,550
400 W HID $15,549.00
320 W Retrofit Kit 44,235 1000 W HID $36,354.00
400 W High Mast 52,000 1000 W HID $32,850.00
900 W High Mast 117,000 2000 W HID $61,320.00
600 W High Mast 96,000 2000 W HID $48,320.00

* Assuming 100 lights used for an average of 12 hours per day and electricity charges of $ 0.10 per kWh.

While the energy savings are significant, the maintenance and replacement hassles pack a real punch. MyLEDLightingGuide LED HighMast lights and HID retrofits last an unbelievable 50,000 + hours. This long life is made possible by a combination of high quality LED, LED smart driver, and an efficient cooling solution that limits the temperature of the LED to ensure a long hassle free service life.

What about Payback?

Payback is a relatively simple calculation that really involves 4 main components:

1. How much do the fixtures cost?

2. The cost of installation and possible disposal of the old fixtures

3. The amount of rebate you can expect back.

4. The cost of electricity, the hours of use and the difference in the previous energy used compared to the new energy consumed.

Rebates are the domain of the utility company you pay your bill electricity to. And it varies from supplier to supplier but here are some general information that is somewhat consistent (but not always)

  • Utility companies prefer DLC Listed product and Energy Star Rated produces
  • they usually have a prescriptive calculation as well as a custom calculation process
  • typically, the more you save, the better the rebate. That is why you should look for DLC Premium Qualified Products
  • You should expect to see a 75% savings when converting from Metal Halide to LED
  • Paybacks have gotten relatively short.

MyLEDLightingGuide High Mast Lights


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