For lighting projects in warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, or other buildings and areas with higher than 10' tall ceilings: bay lighting is going to be one of the best options. Depending on the height of your ceiling and the lighting requirements though will be the determining factor of whether you need high bay or low bay lighting fixtures.   Below, we describe the main differences between high bay vs low bay lights, allowing you to identify the best option for your lighting project requirements.

LED Low Bays

LED low bay lighting fixtures can replace Metal Halide low bays up to 400W and reduce your energy consumption by as much as 75%. These lights are perfect for hall ways, garages, auto dealers, workshops or any large area where traditional style low bays are installed. UL Listed and DLC Qualified with 5 year warranties.

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Defining High Bay Lights

Generally, we define and use high bay lights when they are used with high ceilings that are between 20' and 40'+ in height. In general, high bays have reflectors (for HID bulbs) or lens angles (for LED) that spread the light in the desired manner. Although, each lighting project can vary and each requires a different approach dependent on the application. 

Defining Low Bay Lights

For low bays, they are generally used with ceilings that are between 12' and 20' in height, hence the name low bay. The reflectors or lens for low bays also spread the light far out to maintain a desired lighting level while keeping the number of low bay fixtures to a reasonable number. 

Difference Between High Bay and Low Bay Lights

In general, the main difference between high bay and low bay lights is the ceiling height they are used in. Secondly, the bulb intensity and lumen output will vary in low bay vs high bay lights. Lastly, the reflectors or lens angles will vary from application to application, depending on all of the data from ceiling height and lighting requirements. If your lighting application is clearly leaning towards high bay vs low bay lighting, then the choice is easy. If you are still unsure (as it can vary dependent on your needs) make sure to contact one of our bay lighting professionals. 

Why it Matters

Installing improper fixtures in an application can lead to bad light levels. This can cause under lit (or over lit) areas, causing unsafe conditions and possibly costing you more money than necessary. It is important to choose not only the proper type of bay fixture (low bay vs high bay) but also to choose a quality bay fixture.

MyLEDLightingGuide High Bay and Low Bay Fixtures

Here on MyLEDLightingGuide, we specialize in commercial & industrial LED lighting; and we have both high bay and low bay lighting options.


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