Floods versus Full Cutoff Wall Packs: Explained

Along with so many other types of (LED Lighting) Industrial Solutions, wall packs are also a candidate for converting over to LED. Energy savings when converting from Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium can be 75% or better, all depending on the efficiency of the LED product you choose. And there are many options, new fixtures that completely replace your existing fixture or retrofit. The retrofit option allows you to essentially do a bulb and ballast replacement, with a few additional extra steps. And what option makes the most sense is one that is completely specific to your company.

Two options prevail in the wall pack world - Flood Wall Packs and Full Cutoff Wall Packs.

By definition, a flood wall pack is one that mounts to the wall and distributes most of its light outwards. A full cut off mounts to a wall and distributes its light downwards. Full cutoffs are good for situations where dark sky compliance rules are in effect. Flood wall packs make sense when you are trying to light up an area that is away from the wall from which it is mounted. Wall Packs typically are small in size, and it is very rare to see a bulb larger than a 400 watt metal halide installed inside. But they are almost the perfect fixture to retrofit, since the size of the fixtures easily accept a retrofit kit. Altering the fixture to remove its reflector and socket are two additional steps that are required when retrofitting a wall pack, but other than that, these operation is easy and painless. Converting over to LED is typically a 75% reduction or better, depending if the technology you are upgrading too is current and not obsolete.

LED has been around for a few years, and not all LEDs are the same. Some manufacturers, for example, are still selling older style retrofit kits where the efficiencies are under 100 lumens/watt. Our kits start at 130 lumens per watt and some even achieve 150 lumens/watt. This means the lights are brighter and consume a lot less electricity. And consuming less electricity is one of the reasons you want to convert over to LED. For example, when you decide to purchase an energy efficient car, do you ask what the MPG rating for the car is? Of course you do. Well the same should apply to purchasing LED lights, always ask what the efficacy or efficiency of the light is. Don't let someone cleverly market you by giving you a broad statement that LEDs will save you money. It needs to be more specific than that.

Many of our Wall Packs are DesignLights Consortium Qualified, which makes them eligible for utility rebates. Rebates are completely left to the discretion of the utility company, so there is no guarantee that you will automatically get a rebate. However, contact us at 888-423-3191 and we can help you determine if you are eligible for a rebate. And one other discussion about energy efficient LED Products - DLC has 2 qualifications - Standard and Premium. When you see DLC Premium Qualified, this means the product is more efficient than a DLC Standard Qualified product - and - the rebates associated with it could be larger as well.

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