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14 Facility Management Blogs All FM's Should Follow

A hefty amount of our readers here on the MyLEDLightingGuide's official blog consists of facility managers (along with contractors, government employees, and other decision makers). This post is made specifically for the facility managers and building owners out there to help keep you up to date and fresh on the latest news and opportunities for you and your buildings.

This list of 14 facilities management blogs will consist of some popular and most likely already heard of publications, along with a few lesser known places that you still may find extremely interesting. Picking a few facilities management blog sites from this list is definitely the first step to keeping up to date and staying ahead with your work. There will be a brief description along with a URL for each blog / magazine listed, and it should give you a good idea or not if that facility management resource will benefit you more-so or not than others listed here.

Now, let's get started with this list...  
1. Facility Executive
This is seemingly one of the more popular and well known publications for facility managers and building owners alike. They cover topics such as safety, security, maintenance, technology, lighting tips, retrofitting, improving with green buildings, and more. They just about try to cover nearly any and every topic that is relevant to a facility manager or similar decision maker. This is definitely one that is a 'must read' for anyone managing a building.  

Another very popular publication which covers a lot of useful topics and products that any facilities building decision maker should be aware of to create a more efficient and overall better workplace. They also have many courses and webinar on topics like life cycle costs, energy management, lighting, security, and more.  

Covering lots of insights, trends, products, and facilities management education articles; they are a very well rounded place to find tons more content that may help you find your way with managing buildings. They too offer both free and premium webinars and courses on highly relevant topics for today's workplace and technology.  

4. Maintenance World
As the name suggests, this blog leans on the side of maintenance based topics. Although, they often talk about topics that are important to any facility manager, such as cooling an industrial sized area. That is just a glimpse of the type of stuff this blog publishes, so reading more on what they offer may be important to seeing if this blog is worth your time or not!  

5. Workplace Insight
Although this blog seems to be a bit more broad than specifically for facility managers, it still talks about tons of relevant topics and they even have an entire section entirely for facilities management. Some recent ones (at the time of writing) include redesigning your office, corporate responsibility, productivity in the workplace, and many more. Their facility management resources definitely seems to be siding more on office spaces, so if you manage a building that has an office then this is a surefire place to check on from time to time.

6. FM World
FM World seems to put a lot of their attention on news, but all are topics that are probably very relevant to you and your tasks as a FM. They also (like many other of these blogs on this list) offer many different white papers which carry tons of valuable information in them. Along with professional interviews, webinars, and other pieces of content they are very well rounded in the variety of things that they offer.  

Again, we don't think it comes as a surprise when this resource is all about automation articles. Their primary focus is on technological automation in buildings to become more efficient and effective at everyday tasks. A good resource for anyone interested in this type of technology!  

8. The Built Environment
They don't only talk about the environment and green buildings, but surprisingly they publish a lot about facility managers and how to become a better one in general. You can thank Michel Theriault for this great resource, as he is the brains behind it all. He also offers services such as consulting and training for FM staff, so if a budget allows and you want to become a better FM; that's always an option!  

9. International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
We couldn't leave this one out, IFMA’s a huge player in the FM space and can't be ignored. They offer many different things to better yourself such as professional development, but their blog specifically covers many relevant and timely articles on stuff that you should be keeping up with and at least remain aware of. We definitely recommend this one as a 'must read' for any facility manager too.  

10. Building Automation Monthly
Phil Zito is the creator and sole person behind Building Automation Monthly. He writes about and educates on the topics solely regarding building automation systems. No time to read? Phil offers a Podcast which covers many different great topics as well. So, next time you are driving or taking a flight you might want to listen in to his podcast instead of waiting to read!
11. Facilities Manager Magazine
They bring in educated and experienced people to write about relevant FM topics based through experience and expertise. Many readers enjoy Facilities Manager Magazine because of the research, creative strategies, and best practices that they offer through their content.  

12. The fmguru blog
Although this blog doesn't seem to be updated as often as many others on this list; their past and current posts are a good read. They are definitely insightful and thought provoking on the tasks and purposes of a facility manager.  

13. Service Futures
Majority of the topics they cover include integrated facility services, people management, outsourcing, and workplace management. They seemingly publish every few days, which is great for any managers who want consist content that is useful and practical; but not too much where they miss half of it due to information overload.  

Like their headline says, "if you're in FM, you need to be on i-FM." They offer tons of content through news, interviews, top 50 list of great and relevant companies, and overall great resources.   Missed any that you think is worthy of being added? Be sure to comment them down below, this list is always being updated! 

Final Words
There you have it, 14 (and growing) facility manager blogs, magazines, and resources that will hopefully make you an informed, up to date, and more educated facility manager overall. Our #1 tip for you is to pick two or three from this list that really peak your interest, and make it a ritual to check in on them often for the latest content that they offer. Again, if we missed one that you think should be added; message us for consideration!    

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