Explosion Proof LED Lighting - Class 1 Div 2 UL and DesignLights Consortium Qualified

In the entire world of LED, one of the products that seems to have few options is fixtures designated as Explosion Proof Lighting - Class 1 Div 2 UL Listed fixtures. Having access to some of the products out there, we found our options to be pricey and limited. Unfortunately, these higher prices were translated to the customer, which made converting their Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium fixtures over to LED a very expensive proposition.

And then there are some companies out there who claim you can retrofit an existing explosion proof fixture with a LED Head and driver, essentially replacing the bulb and ballast with the LED components. On the surface this makes sense, and since we have sold many retrofit kits throughout the years we are completely comfortable with the process. But there is a problem. The UL1598C standard is not meant for explosion proof fixtures. And so doing a retrofit will void the UL certifications on the fixture. However, you can resubmit the fixture, with LED head in place, to UL or ETL for retesting and once passed, you have a unique combination of fixture and LED that is UL Listed. However, this only applies to this type of fixture and for the Retrofit unit you supplied. And - retesting is not cheap. So unless you are planning on doing a lot of fixtures of this particular type, this process might not make economic sense.

So what options do you have? New expensive fixtures or an expensive retrofit process? Sounds like trying to pick the lessor of two evils. Well fortunately, at an overseas event, we have found a new fixture that is an UL Listed Explosion Proof LED Light - Class 1 Div 2 that is DesignLights Consortium Qualified (DLC).

Three current models are available, 40W, 100W and 185W, all running at around 100 lumens / watt. That means the most powerful unit is more than capable enough of replacing a 400W Metal Halide explosion proof light. The two smaller models, 100 Watts and 40 Watts are capable of replacing 100-150 Watts Metal Halide and 250 Watts Metal Halide. Whats great about these fixtures, as well, is the multiple mounting options that are available, conduit stem mount, hook mount and trunnion mount, allowing these lights to be configured and run to be a High Bay, Canopy Light or even a flood light. And while it is easy to find several suppliers of Explosion Proof LED Fixtures, finding a product that has the UL Testing for the USA Market is not an easy task. And, so now we have found an affordable alternative to the expensive options that are on the market today.

These lights are well suited for hazardous environments. Reducing energy consumption by 60% over standard Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium fixtures. This means that your investment in LED will pay for itself quickly and then repay itself with zero maintenance costs for years to come. Gone are the days of bulb and ballast replacements. And converting High Pressure Sodium to LED will also have the benefit of a significantly higher quality of light, making the working environment safer as well.

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