DLC Premium LED Retrofits - More than just a higher rebate

My LED Lighting Guide's commercial retrofit products are DLC Premium Listed. So what does that really mean? So what - big deal? Well it is a big deal, because there are a series of features that make a DLC Premium Listed product better than just the normal DLC Standard listing.

LED Retrofits

LED Retrofits are designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium in your existing fixture. This is nothing more than replacing your existing bulb and ballast with the LED Retrofit Kit Head and LED Driver. 11 units are available to replace everything from 70W to 1500W HID, making them a good option for any LED HID retrofit conversion. Extremely efficient up to 165 lumens/watt and DLC Premium Qualified to maximize your rebates!

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Both a DLC Premium and a DLC Standard product will get you a rebate.

But a DLC Premium product will get you a bigger rebate. Why? Because the product is more efficient, in terms of the amount of watts it consumes to produces its lumens. This is called efficacy, we call it efficient creation of lumens/watt. So the utility company rewards you for purchasing a more efficient product.

It's more efficient, so that means you will save more money.

This is all about lumens per watt. For example, our 100W LED Retrofit kit produces 15,500 lumens. It is DLC Premium Listed. A competitors product is 135W and it produces slightly over 13,000 lumens. Doing some quick math, our products efficacy is 150 lumens/watt, theirs is 97. So in simple terms, they need 35 more watts to produce 2000 less lumens. So 2000 less lumens doesn't hurt your pocket book, but consuming 35 more watts does. Day after day, month after month, year after year, you are spending money to consume 35 watts more to make 2000 less lumens. Hmmm, the math doesn't add up! In fact, to produce the 13,000 lumens our competitor does, we would have to dial our kits down to 89 watts. So there, our retrofit kit uses 89W to produce 13,000 lumens and their kit uses 135 watts.

DLC standard allows you to use a screw in adapter into the existing mogul socket, DLC Premium doesn't.

So is this good or bad? Well, lets talk a little physics here. The engineers who designed the socket never thought any one would install a "bulb" that weight 5X than the Metal Halide bulb it was designed for. So, you go and install the retrofit head into the socket, the fixture blows in the wind, vibrates and then one day the socket breaks. Good idea? We don't think so. That's why we don't believe in socket adapters for our retrofit kits. We supply strong mounting plates and we ask you to remove the socket when converting over the fixture. So DLC Premium is new. And it does mean higher rebates for you, the customer. But is also means greater savings, year after year, over a product that is only DLC Standard Listed.

That's why we always tell our customers to purchase LED's based on the number of lumens its going to take to replace your existing lights, not based on watts. The companies with the less efficient product don't want you to know about the fact there are more efficient products out there.

And think about this. One of the reasons you are converting over to LED is to save money, by using less electricity. So why would you not try to find the most efficient product available? It's like car shopping for a more efficient car but settling on 27 mpg when there are cars available getting 45 mpg. Maybe the 27 mpg is better than what you are currently getting with your old car, but wouldn't you rather get 45 mpg and drive by the gas pump more often? Thought so...


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