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Lighting Conferences and Trade Shows: Over 10+ Events

For any professional in the lighting industry, whether you are an engineer, leading a lighting company, advocate for more efficient technology, and so on; attending relevant conferences to help further your education and awareness of the industry is vital. With this post, we are going to list 10+ conferences and events relating to the lighting industry, including but not limited to LED specific events. To learn more about given conference or event, be sure to click on the link included to be brought to the most relevant web page for that event.   Now, let's start with this list shall we?  
Light Fair
This is the world's largest annual commercial and architectural lighting trade show and conference that happens every year. This is one of those "must go" type that we recommended every professional try to attend.  

Light Show West
The only trade show and conference specifically created for West Coast specifiers of commercial, architectural and high design lighting products. Although you don't have to live on the West Coast to attend this, so everyone is invited (sort of)!  

Full LED Expo
The trade show of entirely LED technology solutions, nothing else. They believe in LED (just like we do) and have created this fair to be dedicated strictly to this efficient technology. Sound like something for you?  

LED Expo Thailand
LED technology accounts for 12% of the entire lighting market over in Thailand, and this expo is all about LED technology that is located and held in Thailand every single year.  

Light Middle East
The Middle East's main and featured conference, exhibition, and hosts spectacular awards for lighting design and technology advancements.  

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair
While they do have other applications other than commercial fixtures, they do have an extensive attendance of people interested in lighting specifically.  

Shanghai International Lighting Fair
Lots to see and lots to do at the Shanghai international lighting fair. This fair is a newer one, but is growing at an increasing rate. Lots of commercial and industrial solutions at this one!  

The LED Show
"The LED Show" showcases advancements in LED lamps and luminaries specifically, which is exciting for any LED enthusiast. View the latest LED products and do some face-to-face networking to meet others in this industry.  

Lux Awards
This event awards those who are innovative in both design and sustainability in the lighting industry. Although it always takes place in the UK, it's still an interesting event showcasing all of the creative work people and companies are doing to improve lighting technology.  

This one is supported mostly through volunteer efforts DLFNY (Designers Lighting Forum of New York) members. The DLFNY which was founded in 1934, this not-for-profit organization is committed to exploring and presenting the power of lighting in design which they do through this event.  

Here are some more great lists for even more trade shows, conferences, fairs, and events:

We hope you've found some new places you are interesting in checking out and maybe even going to attend now. From general to LED specific conferences, we've tried to list as many as we could. But of course, we must of missed some and that's where you come in... If you have any more suggestions on a conference that we missed, be sure to comment it down below so we can add it to the list, the more the merrier for everyone!

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