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5+ Best Electrician Blogs & Websites in 2018

Finding quality information around electrical work and electrical contractors can be tricky, that's exactly why we've decided to put together a list of all the best electrician blog sites in one place.

Previously, we put together a list of the top electrical forums where electrical contractors could go join a community, learn, and even share their own expertise with others just like them. Additionally, we've also done a post on the top electrician & electrician mobile apps available - great for getting more work done this year.  To continue this trend of providing the best resources for electricians all in one place, we thought we'd find and put together all of the top electrician blog sites in 2018.

In this specific post, we've put together the 5+ best electrical contractor blog sites for you to scroll through until you find the ones that work for you. This list is no particular order in hopes that you find the best blog & websites for you.

So... here is our list of the 5+ best best electrician websites for 2018:

Are you a contractor?

1. Electrical Easy

Electrical Easy is a great example of a website that explains complex electrical topics in an easy to understand and digest way. They definitely go into more specific tests, ideas, and situations which may prove to be useful for an electrician, making it a great electrical engineering blog site.

2. Electrival4U

While this isn't so much an electrical blog, but rather a electrical engineering website that covers a lot of various electrical topics. From electrical laws to electrical protection, they cover it.

3. Electrician Talk Articles

While Electrician Talk is also a forum, they offer some high quality content on their articles section which seem to be very useful for electrical contractors to help run their business and learn more about the industry.

4. Mister Sparky

We love the blog over on Mister Sparky due to their frequent postings. Although the topics that they cover are very surface level, they will give you a ton of useful ideas and content to better help answer other peoples questions.

5. JP Electrical

This electrician website has a blog which discusses very useful topics such as ways to save energy during the summer, in your business, and other important topics. Best part? They write often, giving you always fresh content to read! 

6. East-West Electric

East-West Electric offer insightful information on a range of industry relevant topics. From the benefits of installing solar panels to tips for homeowners on saving money, they offer fresh content on a regular basis! 

7. MyLEDLightingGuide Blog

We actually post a lot of useful content for electricians and electrical contractors here on MyLEDLightingGuide's official blog - and not just about lighting. In addition to these other electrician blogs, we urge you to check ours out to find posts just like this one, and many more!

Know of another electrician blog that we didn't include on this list, but think it should? Message us the electrician site and why you think it should be added, and you may just see it added to the ever-growing list of the best electrical information websites of 2018!

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