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5 Benefits of Updating Your Outdoor Lighting to LED

For anyone who is in control, manages, or even owns a facility that has a Outdoor lot  for either employees, customers and clients, or both; you know that security and protection of everyone is paramount. With outdated, inefficient, and low quality outdoor area lighting and fixtures in your Commercial Lot space , you are not only putting your visitors at risk but also your bottom line.

That's right!  Lights are a huge consumer of energy, especially when you have inefficient fixtures like Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) installed. This post is going to cover the main benefits that include these two points along with some others. Hopefully it will shine light on LED and put it on top of your list to look out for when it comes time to updating your commercial Outdoor Lot lighting system.

Here are those 5 benefits of Updating Your Outdoor Lighting System to LED

1. Reduction in Lighting Energy Usage

Depending on the time of year, you could have your Outdoor Lot Fixtures on upwards of 12 hours everyday. When it comes to lighting, especially high wattage and lumen output fixtures that outdoor areas require; this can prove to be a large expense for your company.

For reference, LED systems offer more lumen output per watt, which is all that matters when it comes to getting the most efficient lighting. The reasons behind this is because let's say you have two different LEDs products, one outputs 135 lumens per watt while the other is at 120 lumens / watt. To power a light that outputs at 18,000 lumens; the 120 lumen per watt fixture will take 150 watts to reach 18,000 total lumens. While the 135 lumen per watt fixture will only require approximately 133 watts to generate same exact amount of light that the other higher watt fixture products.

See the importance of lumens per watt? It's everything, and we believe our outdoor fixtures offer one of the highest lumen per watt ratios out there on the market today. By converting to LED from MH or HPS, you can realize a reduction in energy costs just from your outdoor area alone by up to and even more than 50%. This can increase your bottom line all while providing the added benefits like those listed in this post. Like number two for example... 

2. Protect Your Property, People, and Assets (PPA)

The property you do business out of, the people who work for you and your customers, and the assets in which keep your very business up and living. All of these things are highly important to any business. Without protecting all three of these things; no business could exist. That is why by installing better illuminating lights (such as LED technology), you allow for a reduction in potential crime by making  the area more visible to both people and cameras. Think about this... Would you rather walk through a dark lot that has been know to have a few reports of malicious activity? Or, would you rather walk through a brightly lit lot that will prevent people from hiding in the darkness as well as allow security cameras to capture faces more clearly. Light is a major crime deterrence, and if your business has (or even hasn't) been effected by crime in the past, you probably want to look into your lighting fixtures brightness levels your lot is at right now and see if that may be an area of concern for your company. 

3. Create Greater Eye Appeal and Professionalism While Reducing Costs

What will customers, clients, or even business contacts think when they come to you retail location, office, or warehouse and see dim, flickering, and / or buzzing lights as soon as they pull up? Probably not the best first impression you could ever give.

Check out this picture as a prime example of the quality LED products can bring to your car lot:
Retrofitting a 400w MH to a 105w LED in a Parking Lot

Here's another project of ours where we retrofitted an existing fixture in a outdoor lot (before and after):

 Parking lot before retrofit installed

Parking lot after retrofit installed

The image list could go on, but the gist is this: LED has and will always improve your facility's lot. Just look at the images yourself for the proof!   By choosing LED Shoe Box Fixtures for your facility, you are choosing higher quality along with higher efficiency products. LEDs (more specifically MyLEDLightingGuide's) offer a better Color Rendering Index rating versus other technologies. This allows your company to look more professional and look much more appealing from a distance and up close.

On top of this, LED bulbs and fixtures never buzz nor flicker even near the end of their life. On the other hand, technologies like metal halide and HPS do, so if you are experiencing a similar issue you probably have one of these two outdated technologies. Another great point that will tie into the next benefit on this list is that LEDs experience slower and less lumen depreciation than other light sources. This allows you to not overcompensate your lighting setup just to offset the depreciating lumens your fixture outputs. Let's talk about it more in the next benefit. 

4. Longer Life Span = Lower Maintenance Costs = Higher Bottom Line

Another benefit of LEDs is it's much longer life span. While a metal halide or HPS light source might last 15 to 20 thousand hours; a LED can last upwards of 50 thousand hours. Talk about long life span for a light! This can provide two cost saving benefits in it of itself:

  1. Longer life span = less buying of new bulbs to replace the old when they burn out (which costs money)
  2. Less maintenance fees: replacing lights on top of poles can get pricey; especially when you have many of them in your outdoor lot.

These benefits of longer life spanned LEDs are obvious, and yet they are often overlooked and could be saving you money. Yet another topic we've talked about before is about lumen depreciation. Metal halide and HPS experience greater and quicker depreciation in lumen output than any LED product does. So while a brand new and freshly installed metal halide fixture may look the same as an LED to start off its life; give it a few years and watch the difference. LED is almost guaranteed to be brighter for longer.   On the topic of saving money, how about the final benefit that will make you fall in love with LED technology and what it can do for your business. 

5. Rebates, Rebates, Rebates!

While you need to be careful which LED products you purchase and from where you buy them from; commercial LEDs are just as open to rebates as any other. Something called DesignLights Consortium (DLC for short) qualifies products and lists them on their site if they pass vigorous tests set by them. They offer two types of listing: DLC standard and premium. As you can probably tell; premium just means that it's even that much more quality than standard. We recommend you only buy products that are DLC qualified and stay far away from those that are not. Not only are non-DLC qualified products not eligible for commercial rebates but they also prove to be lesser of quality. Think; if a company offers quality lights what's their reason not to get qualified? There isn't, and that's exactly our point. Thankfully there are many DLC qualified products out their on the market, including ours.

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