The Main Benefits of Quality Gym Lighting using LED

Any room, area, facility, or outdoors space you need to illuminate should be done so with quality lighting. The benefits of quality lights far surpass going cheap on your lighting fixtures just to save a few dollars. The importance of quality gym lighting systems is no exception, and there are a few specific reasons why you cannot pass up the opportunity to plan and install a good gym lighting design.

In general, what defines "quality" in the lighting industry?

Not so specific to just gyms, workout areas, and the like, but we are going to list the general qualities of good lighting systems and products that should be taken into consideration for anything lighting need; including that of your gymnasium facility.  


The best way to explain how you can identify an efficient lighting fixture is by explaining what it means to have a high lumen per watt output in a fixture. In basic terms, lumens is the amount of light a specific fixture gives off. This can all vary from light to light, but the main thing to look at is the lumens per watt over anything else. The more lumens you achieve per watt, the less watts you will need to produce the same amount of light that a less efficient light does with more watts. The goal is to use the least amount of watts and energy as possible, all while getting the proper amount of light we desire in our given area.  


Technologies such as metal halide have a rather short lifespan compared to it's competing technology, LED. LED gymnasium lights, and just LED lighting in general, prove to have a much longer lifespan. This lifespan can be 2-3 and sometimes even 4 times longer than other light sources such as metal halide. This can allow for less frequent purchasing of new lights to replace old and burnt out ones, which will allow you to better realize a better ROI by investing in LED over metal halide or other similar technologies. This also indirectly reduces your maintenance costs by lowering the amount of time you have to pay someone to switch out burnt out bulbs. This can allow you to reduce your maintenance costs related to your lighting for gym areas by 2-3 times, which will just add on to the benefits that LED can bring to your facility.  

Quality of light produced

While saving money through lighting efficiency, longer life spans, and less maintenance costs is great; it shouldn't be achieved while decreasing the quality of light produced in your facility by your lighting system. Luckily, LED products allow for proper lighting in a wide range of applications, even your gymnasium. This allows you to create exceptionally safe areas that will keep visitors aware of all there surroundings.  


Did you know that LED lights that are efficient may qualify for rebates through your current utility company? Utility companies often offer very good rebates for efficient lighting, most of which consists of LED products. By switching to an LED system in your gym, you will open yourself up to savings brought by these highly rewarding rebates. These will allow you to decrease your investment cost, all of which will increase your overall ROI. How do you know if a lighting fixture will qualify? In the gymnasium lighting industry we have something called DLC (DesignLights Consortium). This is an organization that qualifies lighting products based on it's quality and efficiency. There are both standard and premium qualifications, and premium typically yields higher rebates and thus higher ROI over standard qualified products. Although both are still good and are always recommended for a lighting purchase because being qualified is better than not at all. Without being qualified, we recommend you stay far away from any light that isn't DLC qualified for various reasons including it not being verified to be a "good" product.  

Why does this all matter for a gymnasium's lighting system?

If it isn't clear by now, the answer is obvious. LED can, will, and should be bringing your gymnasium area all of the benefits that the technology offers. From efficient, to quality and rebates; there is almost no reason why you should choose other gym lighting technologies over LED gym high bay lights. More importantly regarding safety of all visitors; LEDs will ensure your areas are properly illuminated with a wealthy amount of light, and won't be under lit. Also since LEDs will never buzz nor flicker, you will never face that annoying issue that other technologies will do, not even near the end of it's lifespan. And as you know, buzzing or flickering lights can cause annoyance and less focus, which is never good for a gymnasium environment. 


There you have it, what quality LED lights can and will do for your gym. LED is also a great option for all of your other lighting needs, such as offices, school rooms, hallways, parking lots, and more.

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