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Baseball Field Grants: Guide

Improving a baseball field & arena can require some upgrades, which costs capital to do. To help offset these costs and promote baseball, there are grants out there to enable an organization to upgrade their baseball field, field lighting systems, get new equipment, or endless other ways that you can improve a baseball field with a reduced financial burden on the receiving organization.

Getting grants for baseball fields can include a multi-step process from start to end to obtain the grant. This process can often look something like this:

  • Recognizing a true need for a baseball field grant
  • Planning out what construction or upgrades need to be performed
  • Define a detailed budget summary
  • Estimated project timeline
  • Applying to available grants and their specific requirements

Let’s dig deeper into the typical process and the information you should be collecting to be ready when it comes time to apply for baseball grants and successfully obtain them.

Recognizing a true need for a baseball field grant. This step is pretty straightforward: do you need to perform upgrades to your facility? If yes, then ask; do we need a grant for this as the cost is exponentially greater than what we can realistically afford? If you answer yes to both of these questions, you are a great candidate to apply for available baseball field grants.

Planning out what construction or upgrades need to be performed. Identifying the exact aspects of your facility or equipment that are part of this project is key to clearly explain when you finally start executing on the overall project.

Whether you are upgrading your baseball field lighting system, stadium / stands, equipment, or anything else: you need to be able to clearly to define it so you will be able to find where you are going to source these items and easily explain it while applying for any available baseball field grant.

Define a detailed budget summary. Once you identify exactly what it is that needs to be done, it’s time to start getting quotes for the project. This can be as simple as putting out a request for people to quote you, or to go out and start contacting companies that offer what you need.

For example, if you are specifically looking to upgrade your baseball fields lighting system that is funded (partially or wholly) by baseball field lighting grants: you could start with us. We offer exceptional LED baseball field lighting fixtures that reduce energy consumption, produce great illumination, all at a great cost (and rebate eligible).

Estimated project timeline. In addition to getting your baseball field project cost estimates, it’s important to know the timeline and expected time of completion each of these companies / quotes offer. Remember that shorter is not always better, it’s just important to know the projected timeline to be able to iterate that information while applying for athletic baseball field lighting grants.

Applying to available grants and their specific requirements. The previous parts of this process is simply to prepare you to the point that you will be able to start applying for grants. At this point, the information, documents, and written statements you will be required to create and format will all depend on the grant you are applying for, as they are all a little bit different. There are many baseball grants out there including baseball grants for high schools, grants for youth baseball organizations, general athletic field grants, even grants for softball fields, and everything inbetween. As of now, there are actually no specific baseball field lighting grants, or any that are specific to one single part of a baseball field. Instead, they are more generic for anything a baseball organization may need.

Below, we list some popular baseball & generic sports grants that are available today. Each of them will list their requirements and forms. Make sure you read these thoroughly and completely as it will give you the greatest chance of gaining a grant for a baseball field.

Available Baseball Field Grants:

Baseball Tomorrow Fund
Community Development Block Grant Program - CDBG
Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation
Starbucks Foundation
Youth Athletic Facilities Grant Program (Washington State only)

Note: We may have missed some available baseball / sports / recreational grants that may be available exclusively to your city, state, or even region. There may even be grants specific to your organizational structure. For the most possible grant opportunities, we recommend you check locally at a city and state level (and even nationally) to see what’s out there.

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Each grant application & approval process will vary, but it’s important to always keep in mind that if you want the greatest success of obtaining grants for your baseball field, you should read what’s required, make a good case for yourself, and always give more than they ask for.

If you are interesting in specifically upgrading your baseball fields lighting system, we can help you with this grant application process. Just contact us, tell us your situation, and we can hook you up from start to finish with a lighting system and available grants to apply for (and guide you through it all).