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4 Advantages of LED Street Lights Over HPS and Metal Halide (Don't Miss No. 3)

There are many reasons and advantages of LED street lights over HPS, Metal Halide, and any other HID light used in the street lighting industry. These advantages of LED street range from cost savings, higher quality of light, and overall better efficiency. LED is quickly becoming the "go to" light for all uses; residential, commercial, and industrial. From fully replacing and retrofitting LED is seriously becoming the majority within the world of lighting.

The following list is going to cover 4 major advantages of LED street lights over HPS and Metal Halide, hopefully it shines some light on the true benefits of LED for your city, town, or even private roadways.

1. Utility cost reduction

Think about this; what if there was a lighting fixture that actually paid for itself and then some? When you compare an LED vs HPS or even Metal Halide, you get results that show LEDs actually really do pay for themselves. If you use your lights often, making the switch to LED street lights may even pay themselves off within a few years. If you'd like to see how much you could save, check out the MyLEDLightingGuide ROI calculator tool to see how much you could be saving in wattage usage if you switched over to LED. 

2. Lumen Depreciation

Lumen depreciation is the process in which the lumen output produced by a light diminishes over time. This is a highly important thing to note because with greater lumen depreciation comes added costs of maintenance. Lighting fixtures such as HPS and Metal Halide have lumen depreciation that happens much earlier in their life and much quicker throughout the bulbs life. Whereas an LED takes a longer time to start depleting in it's lumen output and much slower lumen depreciation than HPS and Metal Halide does. 

3. More lumens - less wattage

While not all LED suppliers and manufacturers, MyLEDLightingGuide offers LED fixtures and retrofits that can produce at a very high lumen to watt rate. For example, while MyLEDLightingGuide LED Conversion Kits can run as high as 165 lumens per watt. The typical competitive solution on the marketplace (on average) run at only around 110-130 lumens per watt. This is just a prime example of how powerful lumens per watt can be. The more lumens per watt you get, the less watts you will need to produce the same amount of light. So, let's compare the "average" retrofit product compared to a Metal Halide light. Remember, the "average" kit runs at around 110 lumens per watt. Compare that to a Metal Halide light that runs around (on average) 90 lumens per watt. So just by these numbers we can start to see the power LED lights have and how they need less watts to produce the same amount of light that a HPS or Metal Halide light does.

4. Higher Quality of Light Increases Safety, Reduces Crime

In addition to #3 on this list, LED also provides a higher quality of light measure by the Color Rendering Index (CRI). Here's two images that should do the talking:

Street Light Conversion From 400W Metal Halide to 120W LED with LED Conversion Kit (before)

 Street Light Converted From 400W Metal Halide to 120W LED using LED Retrofit Kit (before)

Street Light Conversion From 400W Metal Halide to 120W LED (after)

 Street Light Converted From 400W Metal Halide to 120W LED using LED Retrofit Kit (after)

As you can see after the 400W Metal Halide was replaced by the 120W LED fixture, the light produced is much brighter and illuminates a greater area. On top of that, it is using way less energy (400W down to 120W)! Brighter and greater illumination can greatly increase safety and reduce crime by the simple fact of being able to see more throughout the night. Better illumination also creates safer roadways by not leaving any dark spots that may cause issues for drivers during night time driving. 

There are many advantages of LED street lights vs HPS or Metal Halide as you can see from just this post alone. If you are interested it making the switch over to LED street lights after reading this post, contact our team and we will surely answer any inquires you may have.

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