5 Reasons LED Lighting Improves Warehouse Safety

Poor lighting in warehouses can be a significant headwind for employers. Dim and degraded lights not only causes safety issues which can lead to big problems for owners, but also can decrease productivity. Beyond the aforementioned, there are numerous ways new LED lighting can improve warehouse conditions.

How can new LED lighting improve safety in your warehouse?

1. Less Heavy Equipment Accidents

Warehouse risk damaged goods as a result of poor light. With lots of heavy equipment working hard to move items in and out, dark corners and poorly illuminated isles can be a real hazard. Even just a small knick can render warehoused items to be no longer usable, resulting in a lost of revenue and a burdensome replacement process. An accidental clipped rack corner can lead to items falling from high shelving which is a huge safety risk to workers.

2. Reduced Worker Errors

The right lighting fixtures create an work environment which quickly reduce worker mistakes. Workers are able easily and clearly read high shelving labels due to the clean and bright LED lighting. Shipping mistakes go down too with small package labels being much easier to read than with dim lighting. Most importantly, safety is improved in traditional dim corners, back isles and high shelves.

3. No More Lost Products or Reduced Productivity

Your business cannot afford mistakes resulting in property damage or loss. Even worse, product thought to be lost may just be hiding in the dark corners of the warehouse, unbenounced to workers who are wasting time searching for an item that should be easy to find. This reduction of worker productivity is hugely detrimental to any business. Workers should be involved in work that helps the bottom line, not wild goose hunts! Appropriate lighting ensures that all items in the warehouse are easily identified, quickly.

4. Cooler Warehouse Conditions

Many traditional fixtures operate at extremely hot temperatures that will cause warehouses temperatures to fluctuate. What may be a cool, productive warehouse in the morning, can easily turn into a warm, stuffy and sleepy warehouse in the afternoon. These changes have a known negative impact on worker productivity. Not only this, but your air conditioning is working overtime to offset the heat from the light bulbs. Fortunately, LED lighting is specially designed to operate at much lower temperatures which do not affect overall space temperatures.

5. Reduce Forklift Accidents

Time pressures mean that forklift drivers are always moving around, sometimes very fast, through the tight warehouse isles. Even with extensive training and supervision, drivers may still over do it. In a poorly lit warehouse, this results in lives being at risk. Drivers may not always see the worker in a poorly lit isle or as they come around a dim corner. Fortunately, bright LED lighting will improve their ability to see people, averting disaster.

Quality LED lighting is good for warehouse safety. The lighting used will significantly affect not only the safety of employees on the ground, but also the company’s bottom line. With utility rebates available to warehouses that convert and with average 75% energy savings, an upgrade is a no brainer.

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