5 Important Tips Before Buying LED Lights - Industrial and Commercial

Converting to LED is not a simple or inexpensive task. And after being in the business of selling LED since 2008, we've seen a lot of mis-information being supplied to potential customers. Here's our list of the top 5, and what you should really ask before you buy.

1. Never buy a fixture on watts, buy on lumens.

So you want to convert to LED. So how should you do this? First of all, you have to determine how many lumens you need from each fixture to make the conversion successful. Collectively, once installed, the total lumens of each fixture contributes to the foot candle reading at your floor or work height.

So what does watts have to do with this? Well, simply said, each LED fixture consumes energy. That energy, or total watts, is converted in the LED driver and that powers the LED diodes.

But not all fixtures do this with the same level of efficiency. Each fixture has an efficiency rating, called efficacy or lumens/watt. The higher this number, the better.

The ultimate goal is to determine how many lumens you need to create the foot candles you need, and then do that with the least amount of watts consumed. NEVER START YOUR SEARCH FOR A LED FIXTURE BASED ON WATTS.

So how can you determine how many foot candles you need? Quite simply, you can get a photometric analysis done for your area. MyLEDLightingGuide provides FREE photometric evaluations wherever possible to help you decide what fixture or solution works best for you.

2. Be careful for false claims.

We have had many customers call us telling us about a previous conversation they had with a competitor salesman who made claims fixture A will only work, and fixture B will not. Careful review of their product line shows they only carry fixture A. We have also heard that new fixtures are superior over retrofits, and vice versa. And once again, a review of their product offering is they are recommending the solution they sell, but more importantly, providing false information about the product they don't sell.

This is unfortunate. The consumer is being fed wrong information in order to justify a limited product line.

MyLEDLightingGuide prides themselves on Educational Sales. We put education before sales, that way together we can determine what the BEST SOLUTION is for you. We have both retrofit and new fixture solutions. Our only motivation is to help you come to the best decision based on real facts!

3. Choose your purchase source carefully.

Many sites offer LED Lights, including some of the largest e-commerce websites. Most offer a 30 day warranty, with a vendor you do not have a relationship with. After 31 days, if the fixture fails, you are now in the position of trying to get your fixture fixed. Maybe the product you buy is a surplus product priced to sell and help them reduce old inventory. We only warn you that be careful before you make a large investment in lighting, and make sure you understand who you are buying from and who you will call when there is a warranty issue.

4. Make sure you completely understand what you need before you buy online.

MyLEDLightingGuide does not have a buy box. We once did and then removed it. Why? Because the majority of purchases done without our education would come back because the customer needed something completely different than what they purchased. As part of our educational sales approach, we try to understand what your needs are before we recommend a solution. Read the first topic above, never buy on watts. How many lumens do you need? Maybe a retrofit solution is better. Maybe you believe you need a linear fixture when a UFO is their best option. All we suggest is to contact us before you buy. We have years of experience helping our customers choose the best option.

5. Read the warranties carefully, and check out the reputation of the seller when it comes to their history of processing warranty claims.

A companies reputation only stands the test of time if they are going to process a warranty claim. We've heard horror stories that include:

  • refusing to process warranty claims because they always claim installation error
  • small print that makes it literally impossible to ever make a warranty claim
  • product must be shipped back in the original shipping materials for a warranty claim to be honored

These are only a few. We highly recommend you research the company and people you are working with. We do. Every one of our suppliers stand behind their products and we work with you to solve the problem. We'd rather not hear from you about a warranty problem, but we are here if you ever have one. That's why we have 1000's of loyal customers. Because the true test of a company is how warranties are processed!

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