4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Parking Area Lights to LED

The importance of parking area lighting must never be underestimated as it plays a critical role in enhancing safety. While the pole-mounted lights that dot different parking lots across the country are not something a lot of business owners think of, they can determine how safe (or unsafe) a parking lot is for employees, customers, visitors, and passers by.

When choosing parking area lights, LEDs should be your first option because they are more efficient than metal halide lamps which are commonly used in parking lots. They generate and distribute light very differently from HID lamps.

Whereas HID lights use a fuel source to generate light, LEDs produce light through semiconductors.

In addition, LED fixtures have numerous diodes with individual optics and distribute light more evenly across surfaces.

Let us look at 4 benefits LED lighting has over other lighting systems.

1. Lower Energy Consumption

The bigger a business facility, the higher its electric bill, especially if the lighting system isn't LED. Any business that wants to lower its energy consumption must consider upgrading to LED technology because even decreasing consumption by a small percentage can have a big impact on an electric bill.

In-efficient HID parking lot lights consume between 400-1000 watts. However, LED lights consume between 40-60 watts. At a glance, it's easy to see that replacing HID lights with LEDs can help you to lower energy consumption by up to 60%.

2. Better Performance

Since LEDs have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), they easily reveal the true color of objects. They not only ensure that a parking lot is well lit, they enable pedestrians and drivers to see objects clearly as they walk and drive around. LEDs are also available in a range of color temperatures and can increase the eye’s perception of brightness.

LED fixtures distribute light very evenly across any surface thanks to their multi-point design. This means people who are close to the parking lot lights or far away from them won’t notice a big difference because the light levels vary less as the distance from the fixtures changes.

The same cannot be said for HID lamps. The fixtures produce very "bright spots" directly underneath and the light levels reduce significantly as the distance from the fixtures increases.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest benefits of LEDs is their low maintenance costs – which mainly stems from the way they generate light. Because they use semiconductors to produce light, their light output declines gradually over time.

But HIDs use a fuel source to produce light, and as the fuel diminishes, they cease to function properly. This is why the lifespan of a LED fixture is much longer than that of a HID fixture. The long lifespan of LEDs drastically lowers the maintenance costs of parking area lighting.

4. Enhanced Safety

Lighting is directly related to safety. If a parking lot is dimly lit, people can easily get injured and drivers can easily crash into objects because of poor visibility. Good parking area lighting also boosts the security of a business premises and protects a business’ assets.

Criminals will think twice before breaking in as they will be easily captured by security cameras or will be seen by security personnel who will raise an alarm. By upgrading your parking area fixtures, you will enhance the safety of the space and also avoid potential lawsuits that may be caused by a poorly lit parking lot.

The Bottom Line

The takeaway here is that LEDs offer an effective and affordable way to illuminate parking lots. You won't spend a lot of time replacing burned-out lights, you'll save money you could have spent on replacement fixtures, reduce maintenance costs, and decrease landfill waste and power plant emissions.

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