4 Amazing (Yet Often Overlooked) Benefits of Retrofitting Your Existing Fixtures

Truth be told, nothing can impact a business significantly the way a lighting system can. But since it does its best work out of the public eye, we only realize its importance when the lighting is subpar, when bulbs stop working, or when there are complaints.

Companies thinking of replacing their lighting systems usually look to LED lighting but are often torn between retrofitting and a full redesign.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Retrofitting simply means replacing the current luminaire and ballast with LED lighting without getting rid of the existing fixture. A full redesign (a full fixture replacement), means replacing the luminaire, the ballast, as well as the existing light fixture.

When Is A Full Redesign Necessary?

Why do companies choose LED retrofitting over a full redesign? The most common reason is because their existing fixtures are appealing enough and perfect for their settings. Companies that opt for full fixture replacements often do so to keep up with changing trends that enhance their professionalism.

Sometimes, retrofitting just won’t do and a full fixture replacement is necessary. There are 3 instances when a full redesign is the best choice.

  • When the existing fixtures are not in good working condition
  • When a company wants a new look that resonates with its clientele – like a car dealership
  • When a building is new or getting additions

One common notion people have is that a full fixture replacement offers more benefits than retrofitting, but nothing could be further from the truth. Take, for example, the retrofits sold by MyLEDLightingGuide. They offer almost the same efficiency as new lighting fixtures. But this should come as no surprise because advancements in LED technology have ensured that there are virtually no differences – in quality, efficiency, and even warranties – between old and new lights.

The sad truth is, many benefits of retrofitting are often disregarded when the process is pitted against a full fixture replacement. But they can make the difference between choosing retrofitting over a full redesign.

Here are four awesome benefits of MyLEDLightingGuide LED Retrofit Kits.

A Lower Initial Investment

One of the best things about retrofitting is that it is the most cost-effective way to upgrade to LED technology. This should be all the motivation companies need to make the switch. Retrofit kits need less materials and don't weigh as much as new LED fixtures. They also cost less than new fixtures (up to 30%) and have lower shipping costs.

Retrofit kits are easier and cheaper to install in commercial spaces and make upgrading to LED technology less expensive for businesses (not forgetting all the additional money-saving benefits LED lighting offers).

There’s No Need to Change the Existing Fixtures

One reason businesses choose not to upgrade to LED technology is because of the high cost of new fixtures. Some feel attached to the existing fixtures because they love their designs. The good news is retrofitting allows you to keep all the things you love about your existing fixtures and also reap the wonderful benefits of LED technology. Additionally, lighting fixtures purchased in the last 10 to 15 years may not need to be changed because they may still be in excellent condition.

Cheaper Installation and Maintenance Costs

On the surface, retrofitting may seem like a very complicated process. However, it is much easier than it looks. Since the process only constitutes replacing the existing luminaire and ballast, it can be economical, depending on the application.

What's more, a professional lighting installer takes less time to install retrofit kits compared to new LED fixtures. The more time they spend on installation, the more businesses pay. The best way to lower costs is to reduce installation times.

Waste is Minimized

Retrofit kits offer a less wasteful way of upgrading to LED technology. Because the existing fixtures are not replaced, waste is significantly reduced. A full fixture replacement creates a considerable amount of waste that must be disposed of properly – a process that can be costly. Waste reduction can go a long way toward helping a company to reduce its environmental footprint.

These four overlooked benefits of retrofitting point electrical professionals and facilites managers in the right direction when the time comes to upgrade to LED technology.

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