3 Types of Wall Pack Lights for Exteriors

Wall pack lights, or exterior building lights, are outdoor lights that are usually mounted on the outer walls of buildings. They are also ideal for lighting up driveways, streets, and walkways that are adjacent to buildings, because they can be mounted on lighting poles.

While wall pack lights keep exteriors safe by generating adequate light, they can also beautify an exterior. For example, wall pack lights with a unique, modern design can illuminate an outdoor space and also add architectural detailing.

Wall packs usually distribute light in three ways: regular wall packs dispense light outwards and downwards, semi cutoff and full cutoff wall packs distribute light downwards, while up-down wall packs dispense light upwards and downwards. All of these varieties provide excellent light that is ideal for outdoor spaces and enhances their safety and security.

Let's take a look at three types of wall pack lights that are perfect for your building or construction project.

LED Traditional Wall Pack Lights

Offering high-intensity light and low light pollution, traditional (LED) wall packs are an excellent addition to any large exterior space. They can improve safety and security outside warehouses, retail stores, packing garages, and other facilities. They make great replacements for metal halide lights, thanks to their long lifespan and low maintenance.

(LED) wall packs sold by MyLEDLightingGuide have a lifespan of 50,000-100,000 hours. Their power draw ranges between 24w-96w and their color temperature falls between 5000k and 5700k. LED traditional wall packs are way more energy-efficient than HID lights. For instance, the 75W-125W LEDs sold by my LED Lighting Guide emit between 155-165 lumens. All the light packs come with a warranty of 10 years and are Dark Sky friendly and UL listed for wet locations.

LED Semi Cutoff and Full Cutoff Wall Pack Lights

As we had said earlier, semi cutoff and full cutoff wall packs dispense light downwards, eliminating contamination of the night sky, but still providing high-intensity light that improves safety and security.

They can be used outside commercial buildings, learning institutions, hospitals, garages, and public spaces. They need almost no maintenance, consume very little electricity, and can replace metal halide lamps, fluorescent lights, and other types of lights that are used outdoors. These wall pack lights consume up to 80% less electricity and can operate up to 100,000 hours while maintaining a high light output.

LED Dusk to Dawn Wall Pack Lights

These wall packs are perfect for the sides of commercial buildings, driveways, streets, alleys, entryways, and doorways. They are commonly used as security lights for building perimeters, warehouses, business establishments, commercial areas, and around docks.

They have built-in photocells that automatically turn the light on at night (dusk) and turn it off in the morning (at dawn). By turning the light on only at specific times, they save a lot of energy, prolong the lifespan of the LEDs, and minimize maintenance costs.

These lights are perfect for lighting general areas as they can produce up to 10,000 lumens in spaces that require very bright light. Many dusk to dawn wall packs are vandal resistant as they feature high impact polycarbonate lenses.

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