2 Must Have Controls for LED Parking Area Lights

We all know LED saves money. Saving 70% of more is not uncommon, if you pay attention to the efficiency of the LED lights you are using. But here is something you shouldn't overlook. These simple low cost add-ons will significantly increase you savings, and dramatically shorten your payback.

1. Photocells for dusk to dawn operations

If your outdoor lights are used at night, then there should be no reason for them to be on during the day. If you are manually turning your lights on and off, or relying on a manual timer, then a photocell is a perfect add on, turning your lights on at dusk and lights off at dawn, regardless of the time of year or season. No more relying on people or timers, your lights are only on when there is no light.

2. Motion Sensors and Dimming

Lighting is important, for appearance, safety and security. But why do they need to be 100% on 100% of the time? Why not turn them down at 3:00 am, or even better, when no motion is detected. Motion sensors are far more sophisticated than the used to be. Its no longer all on or all off. You can set the intensity when motion is detected and the amount of dimming when no one is around. This makes for the ideal security light.

But think of the savings. Say you are replacing MetalHalide with LED. You are converting 400W HID to 100W LED in your parking lot. If you add a motion dimming control, and maybe you determine you only need the LED Lights on at 40% when no one is around. That might equate to 8 hours a night at 40W consumption. With ballast, the 400W HID consumes 455 Watts. So equates to a savings of 415W for 8 hours a night. This is huge. Your savings multiply, your payback period drops significantly, all for a cost effective option that will lighten your utility costs for 10+ years.

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