One of the main stays in Industrial and Commercial Lighting has been the Metal Halide Bulb. It is common in Indoor Fixtures, such as High Bays, Canopy Lights, Garage Lights and Low Bays. It is also commonly found outdoors in Wall Packs, Flood Lights, Street Lights, High Mast Lights and Parking Lot Lights to name a few. And while they were a great replacement for Mercury Vapor and High Pressure Sodium, the fact they are better off producing heat and they are producing light makes you believe there has to be a better option available. One that can equal the amount of light produced and yet save money on the cost to operate them. And that's where LED comes into the picture.

LED Retrofits

LED Retrofits are designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium in your existing fixture. This is nothing more than replacing your existing bulb and ballast with the LED Retrofit Kit Head and LED Driver. 11 units are available to replace everything from 70W to 1500W HID, making them a good option for any LED HID retrofit conversion. Extremely efficient up to 165 lumens/watt and DLC Premium Qualified to maximize your rebates!

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So you have a Metal Halide (or even High Pressure Sodium) light, and you want to convert to LED. You've done your research, you've been inundated with marketing materials that tell you what is the most important thing to consider (coincidentally it probably is something they think is important). And now you are left to make a decision. New or retrofit? What color temperature is right for you? What type of new fixture? What type of retrofit? So we will briefly discuss new versus retrofit.

We sell both. Our retrofit kits perform as well if not better than new fixtures, but not all retrofit kits can make that claim. However, if your fixtures are old, leak, and have seen their better days, then by all means replace them. It does not make sense to buy a new fixture that includes a retrofit kit inside of it like some vendors will try and sell you. The engineering of some of the new fixtures are fantastic. However, the real reason you would want to consider retrofitting is because you have a significant investment in fixtures. Why not keep that investment? Retrofitting is extremely cost effective, especially our new generation of ultra efficient LED Retrofit Kits. But lets take it one step further. There are so many retrofit options available.

What about using a LED High Bay Retrofit Bulb to retrofit a High Bay? By all means, you can do that, but it makes no sense. They design of these bulbs is to spread light out perpendicular to the base. In a high bay, it makes sense to deliver all the lumens down to the ground, not out towards the walls. But won't the reflector do the job and redirect the light? Yes, but you can lose up to 30% of the lumens doing this. Think of it this way. You could enter your lawn tractor in a NASCAR Race. You could probably do a couple of laps. So it does work. But probably not your best choice of vehicle. The same applies here. Pick the right tool to do the job.

Then there are other retrofit companies that have unique solutions. Some include toggles on their heads so you can select the wattage that best meets your needs. Clever. However, lets say you bought this head that can produce 135 Watts and you only need 80 Watts to do the job. So you go and buy this head. Do they give you a discount because you are only using 60% of the design capability? No. Wouldn't it be better to buy a 75 Watt LED Retrofit Kit and not have to pay for a 135 Watt Retrofit Kit? We think so. And what about some of the larger bulb replacements, like 1000 Watts Metal Halide. Some companies have a few heads, and then they cleverly designed a plate system where they can add 1 - many of their heads to a plate and that is what they call their solution. OK, so now you have to take down your fixture, send it to them so they can make a plate for you. Wouldn't it be better if you could get 1 retrofit head that was designed to replace a 1000 Watt Metal Halide bulb and not have to ship your fixture into the factory? We think so. And what about the efficiency of the LED retrofit kits? Its all over the charts.

Some companies still use 5 year old LED chips. It's like going on Amazon and wanting to buy a new laptop and then realizing what you bought is real old technology. So how are you able to know if the LED technology you bought is new or old? It's simple, its called Efficacy or otherwise known as Lumens/Watt. Those that have low lumens per watt typically don't include that specification. But it is easy to calculate. Take the total number of lumens the light produces and divide it by the number of watts it needs to produce those lumens. That's it. If you see lumens/watt in the 110 or lower - OLD TECHNOLOGY. Our new LED Retrofit Kits are reaching 165 lumens / watt. We qualify for DLC Premium Rebates because they are so efficient. Their light? Not nearly efficient enough to meet the DLC Premium High Standards. But that gives you another clue. Look for the DLC Premium Symbol, it's different than the DLC Standard symbol. And that gives you the quick notification that the light you are looking at is the most efficient. And why does that matter. It's simple. It will save you a lot more money.

Let me do three comparisons for you. First a retrofit kit designed at 97 lumens per watt to replace a 400W Metal Halide bulb, a second at 102 lumens per watt and ours at 155 lumens per watt. Lets keep everything else the same. Cost of electricity, hours of use. The only thing different you will notice is the watts consumed and the lumens produced. For the record, our retrofit kit uses the least amount of energy in this test BUT also produces the most amount of light. We will use 12 hours a day operating time and .12 kw.h electricity cost

Calculation 1:

97 lumens per watt retrofit head, 135 watts, 13164 lumens
Savings per fixture per year over 400 watt Metal Halide: $170.82

Calculation 2:

102 lumens per watt retrofit head, 143 watts, 14600 lumens
Savings per fixture per year over 400 watt Metal Halide: $166.62 OK, so between the competitor options, you are neck and neck, the difference is so minimal you can make your decision based on whose website you like more

Calculation 3:

155 lumens per watt retrofit head, 100 watts, 15,550 lumens (this is our LED Retrofit Kit)
Savings per fixture per year over 400 watt Metal Halide: $189.22 So there is clearly a $18.40 savings over the first LED retrofit option and a $22.60 savings per fixture over the second LED Retrofit option. And, we produce more light!

11 Retrofit Kit Models to Replace HID - and - keep your existing fixtures.

So How Do you Know What Kit is Right for You?

That's where we come in. We will help you make the decision and educate you to make the right decision for your application, whether its new fixtures, retrofits or something else. Our main driving goal is to make sure you get the right light to solve your needs and provide you with a solution that you will love for years and years to come. Contact us for more information 1.888.423.3191


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