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LED Shop Lights vs Fluorescent

If you own a shop, you may have installed fluorescent lighting. Prior to LED Lighting, fluorescent lighting was a good option. They provided adequate lighting in a replaceable tube solution. When the tubes quit working, a shop owner could replace the tubes with new tubes. So why would you consider changing your lighting from fluorescent [...]

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LED Lumens Comparison

Why is it you can replace some lights with more 'advertised' lumens with a LED light with less lumens. Here are 4 reasons why you can use less LED lumens to replace traditional HID lights   1. You need less lumens when you have Focused Directional Lumens LED light is directional. Conventional light sources are [...]

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High Bay versus Low Bay Explained

There are a lot that High Bay LED and Low Bay LED Fixtures have in common. If you were to place two fixtures side by side it would be difficult to determine which was the high bay or low bay fixture. High bay and low bay lights have a lot in common. But this similarity adds [...]

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Impact Rating IK01 to IK10 and LED Lighting

IK Rating Level of Protection IK00 Not protected. IK01 Protected against an impact of 0.14 joules. This is equal to the impact of a 0.25-kg object dropped from 56 mm above the impacted surface IK02 Protected against an impact of 0.2 joules. This is equal to the impact of a 0.25-kg object dropped from 80 mm [...]

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IP Rating and LED Lighting

The IP Rating The International Protection Marking (IP Code/Ingress Protection) rates the effectiveness from intrusions such as dust or water. The IP rating is a standard of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It applies to a wide range of products.   It is of utmost importance that you verify the IP rating of your LED vapor [...]

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Color Rendering Index Explained

Color Rendering Index Explained

What is Color Rendering? Color rendering defines how well a light source makes the color of an object appear to human vision relative to a high quality reference source, the sun. It further defines how well subtle variations in color shades are presented by the light source. What is the Color Rendering Index? Color Rendering [...]

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