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What Does it Take to Replace a 400 Watt Metal Halide?

This blog post is our second post to one of our most popular posts, How Many Watts does it take to replace 1000W Metal Halide. While many of the concepts are the same, there are some important differences between 400W and 1000W Metal Halide.

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Ulitimate LED Trouble Shooting Guide

This post was written based on many calls we've had from our customers and from customers of other vendors who have a problem with their LED fixture, and needed a solution...

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5 Important Tips Before Buying Industrial and Commercial LED Lights

Converting to LED is not a simple or inexpensive task. And after being in the business of selling LED since 2008, we've seen a lot of mis-information being supplied to potential customers. Here's our list of the top 5, and what you should really ask before you buy.

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Active Cooling Versus Passive Cooling for LED

LED Light is efficient. Far more efficient than the HID, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs they replace. But not all energy LED consumes is converted to light. Some of the energy is used to create heat. And while LED is far more efficient than the other light sources at producing light and very little heat, the heat it produces must be removed.

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The Cost of Not Converting to LED

Everyone knows that converting to LED saves you money. But how much? We put together this info graphic to show you how much more you are spending by not converting over to LED. It's more than you think. So waiting another year for the costs to lower may not be your best option....

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Industrial LED Lighting

MyLEDLightingGuide specializes in powerful industrial LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. We offer both new complete replacement fixtures or a powerful line of bulb replacement retrofits where you can simply remove your existing fixtures ballast and bulb and install the LED components.

Whether you need explosion proof or high bay lights; we've got every type of fixture for every industrial application. View all of our industrial lighting fixtures below for your needs.

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How to Retrofit a 400 Watt HID Fixture

Where do you start? What are the options? Should you consider a Retrofit kit or use a 360 degree post top screw in bulb? Here are some of the things you should consider before you purchase...

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50 Best Electrical Apps in 2018

Enabling electricians and students to have access to easy and affordable electrical apps is a great way to improve workflow, productivity, knowledge, and accuracy. We’ve put together this list of 40 (and growing) best electrical apps to help people of all skills levels, on both iOS or Android devices, with both paid and free electrical apps; to have access to the plentiful amounts of information and tools now available on our phones.

The best apps for electricians list below is in no particular order, and so there is no singular best electrical app. Collectively, the list is powerful, and one app may be useful to some and not others. We invite you to go through the list, try out different electrical apps, and find which one you couldn’t see yourself without.

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LED: Paying More for the Cheaper Light

This is a common message we try and teach our customers when they call us. For example, it is not uncommon for us to get a call to quote a price on a Retrofit Unit. When we dig in a bit deeper, we find that we are competing against a 'cheaper' version of a Retrofit Product. To be fair, cheaper is not meant to be derogatory to the competitors product. The price is cheap because it represents 5 year old technology. Digging in a bit deeper, we find the Retrofit is producing 110 lumens/watt, for a total of 13,200 lumens.

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5+ Best Electrician Blogs & Websites in 2018

Finding quality information around electrical work and electrical contractors can be tricky, that's exactly why we've decided to put together a list of all the best electrician blog sites in one place.

Previously, we put together a list of the top electrical forums where electrical contractors could go join a community, learn, and even share their own expertise with others just like them. Additionally, we've also done a post on the top electrician & electrician mobile apps available - great for getting more work done this year.  To continue this trend of providing the best resources for electricians all in one place, we thought we'd find and put together all of the top electrician blog sites in 2018.

In this specific post, we've put together the 5+ best electrical contractor blog sites for you to scroll through until you find the ones that work for you. This list is no particular order in hopes that you find the best blog & websites for you.

So... here is our list of the 5+ best best electrician websites for 2018: ... (420)

12 Best Electricians Forum Sites in 2018

We've collected the best LED lighting blogs, facility manager blogs; but we've yet to put together anything for electrical contractors. We know from experience and electrical contractors that we've interacted with that forums are a great way for any electrical contractor to join a community, help others, and get help in return when it is needed. They build a sense of security in the sense that if you get lost, there are 100's of others that can probably advise you on the right direction to take a given issue.

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7+ Must Read LED Lighting Articles

The world of lighting, LED specifically, can get overwhelming for those that are not directly in the space. From lumens, to watts, efficacy, and more; jargon and terms aren't doing you any good if you don't know what they mean. Not only is it just about LED terms, but also general concepts, facts, and methods of LED lighting technology and the fundamentals that are important to understand to use LED to it's fullest potential. In this post, we've gather the 7+ "must read" LED lighting articles you should read if you want to understand LED lighting a bit more and be much better off when you dive into the industry and technology. Whether you are a facility manager, electrical contractor, or building owner; all of these articles we've gathered will certainly give some value and we hope you enjoy them all   ... (418)

6+ Office Lighting Tips for a Better Office

Office spaces are a place for productivity and concentration. Since the lighting in an office can, and does, play such a big role in how much output can be created in any given day; it's crucial to invest time and even money into getting right. To start you off in the right direction, we've created this list of 6+ office lighting tips that will lead you in the right direction of how and where to go next in terms of ensuring your office lighting system is up to par and not affecting your employees work output. 
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How Lighting Can Impact Sales for Your Retail Store

Proper lighting and positioning is a major factor in enhancing your brand image, building a customer base and increasing the sales of your retail store. A well-designed store is bound to generate higher sales than the one with an ordinary interior. Shoppers these days are more knowledgeable and opinionated than ever before. There is a need for retailers to equip themselves with the right skills and tools to attract their attention and make shopping a memorable experience for them.  
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How Businesses Are Going Green with LED Lights

As a business owner, it is important to reduce your energy emissions as much as possible. You can easily make a conscious effort to do this by reducing packaging, using sleep mode on all your electronic devices and shutting down everything at the end of the business day. Another good way to reduce your emissions and your electricity bills is to use LED fixtures in your buildings, offices, and even parking lots. Here’s how businesses around the world are taking a step towards reducing their environmental impact using commercial LED lighting. 
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3 Ways LED will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership

As a car dealership owner, manager, or even sales member; you know that getting the cars out (along with in) is one of the most vital points in your business. On top of that, keeping the expenses as low as possible to simply operate will allow you to take home more income, rather than spending it on things that are just going to waste (like energy usage).   
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23 Ways to Improve Office Productivity Levels

Any business knows that productivity is key to growth, let alone staying afloat. Whether you are talking about a production line, a traveling salesperson, and yes even your office space; productivity is going to be the main driving factor which will allow your business to not only stay in business, but also experience growth year over year, month over month.
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Solve 2 Major Security Flaws in Prisons with LED

Prisons and correctional facilities are full of security threats, it's just common sense. That is why it's a major task and a seemingly forever ongoing one to try everything in the book to reduce threats and increase security for everyone in, near, or even outside the facility. Today we wanted to address how we can solve 2 major security risks prisons are often faced with. Then, at the end we will talk about how exactly you can go about removing this risks by installing a new correctional lighting system and things you should look out for when finding fixtures perfect for your building and budget.
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A Month in The LED Lighting Industry: Roundup For November 2016

This months roundup post is for the month of November, 2016. It's been a crazy month, but nonetheless; happy thanksgiving!   This month has been filled with tons of crazy news, and we are about to share it all with you in this months LED lighting link roundup. From insects and LEDs to towns and cities retrofitting their streetlights, we are going to cover these and many more in this edition. Now... Here is the third addition of A Month in The LED Lighting Industry Link Roundup…   ... (403)

9 Huge Ways to Reduce Energy Usage in Commercial Facilities

The energy consumed by a single building or business can prove to be a huge overhead cost, especially for those buildings of a much larger size. Starting the initiative to reduce energy consumption is becoming more and more common as the benefits become more and more clear. The benefits of reducing energy consumption is often times for one major reason, and that is to reduce overhead costs. By making switches (such as those listed here), you could realize a 50% or more reduction in overall energy usage in your facility. Sound interesting? Learn how you can do that with the tips below...   ... (402)

25 Practical Energy Saving Tips For Businesses and Buildings

Businesses as we all know, are always thinking about the bottom line. From ways to increase revenues to ways to decrease expenses, it's all critical stuff for any company to pay attention to. That's exactly why we are creating this post on energy saving tips for businesses and companies alike. And while not every business in every building will be able to implement every single tip on this list, there should be numerous ones that will be highly relevant to your business. Saving energy will allow you to reduce overhead expenses, enhance your public view as a "going green" company (which you could use as a marketing play), or even just have better piece of mind knowing your buildings are just that much greener.
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14 Facility Management Blogs All FM's Should Follow

A hefty amount of our readers here on the MyLEDLightingGuide's official blog consists of facility managers (along with contractors, government employees, and other decision makers). This post is made specifically for the facility managers and building owners out there to help keep you up to date and fresh on the latest news and opportunities for you and your buildings.
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15 Actionable Ways to Save Energy At School

A school, whether its grade school or a college campus, can use up a lot of energy during the day. From heating the building to inefficient lighting fixtures in the building; a school that is running 8-10 hours a day can prove to be a huge consumer of energy and thus; a high utility overhead to maintain.
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Commercial Lighting Conferences and Trade Shows: Over 10+ Events

For any professional in the lighting industry, whether you are an engineer, leading a lighting company, advocate for more efficient technology, and so on; attending relevant conferences to help further your education and awareness of the industry is vital. With this post, we are going to list 10+ conferences and events relating to the lighting industry, including but not limited to LED specific events. To learn more about given conference or event, be sure to click on the link included to be brought to the most relevant web page for that event.   Now, let's start with this list shall we?   ... (398)

A Month in The LED Lighting Industry: Roundup For October 2016

This month of our LED industry link roundup is for the month of October of 2016. Also, we couldn't forget... Happy Halloween! This month we've seen lots of news about schools converting to LED and how cucumbers are seeing positive results from LED technology, along with some really great news about MyLEDLightingGuide. The news regarding the LED industry is ever increasing in excitement, and as the technology grows, expands, and simply gets better; the news will continue to be better and better. Without further ado, here is the second addition of A Month in The LED Lighting Industry Link Roundup...   ... (397)

7 Things Facility Managers Should Know About Commercial Lighting

As a facility manager or building owner, it is nearly impossible to know everything about everything in your building. But it is vital to know something about everything, and that goes for your facilities lighting system too. Whether you manage a warehouse, factory, or other industrial sized building or space, the lighting is a huge factor of many things including safety, productivity, and consistency in the work in your facility. So while you don't need to know every technical aspect of lighting, you should know the basics to at least have some clue of what to look for in a good lighting system.  
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What Does it Take to Replace a 1000 Watt Metal Halide?

A common lighting technology in the commercial space is metal halide, at least in the past it was. At an ever increasing rate, businesses are actively searching for a more efficient lighting system that will allow them to cut energy consumption and in turn; reduce overhead expenses.

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A Month in The LED Lighting Industry: Roundup For September 2016

A new thing we will be doing every here every month on the MyLEDLightingGuide's official blog is curating things from all around the web relating to the LED lighting industry.
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DesignLights Consortium vs EnergyStar Qualified Products: Explained

The search for commercial lighting systems can be confusing, misleading, and overwhelming at times. With all of the different terms, labels, and technologies being used how can anyone expect you to make any decisions with all of that going on? Well, this post is going to at least relieve your confusion about DesignLights Consortium vs EnergyStar approved and qualified lighting products. There is a difference, and you need to be well aware of what it is when you are looking into a new lighting system for commercial purposes and applications. Firstly to understand the difference, we must be able to define which each one is (even if it is the most basic terms and explanation). Let's start off with DesignLights Consortium.
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What Qualifies a "Good" Commercial Lighting System?

Quality, quality, quality. We all strive to purchase not only affordable items but those of quality too. When it comes to your commercial lighting needs, you surely search for the same. Whether you manage any of the following, quality still matters.
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Important Reasons Quality LED School Lighting is a MUST

It's agreeable that we all wish for the generations in school now and to come on all levels (elementary, middle / high school, and college) to be given a better environment than we were when in school. Specifically in this post we will be talking about the importance of efficient and more importantly quality lighting within a classroom, on campus, or even in the hallways. From the temperature of the light to the proper lumens, it's all important and ignoring even just one of these points can prove to cause average grades to drop school wide which is bad for endless amounts of reasons.
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15 LED Lighting Blogs to Follow in 2018

Information is power, and that is exactly why we are putting together this post for you. We want to share the top LED lighting blogs on the web for your benefit. Being able to soak up information that will teach you a thing or two is invaluable. Whether you want general information, news, or in-depth and technical LED information; this list of LED blogs will satisfy any of those needs. We wanted to fill every gap regarding LEDs which is why we are including blogs of all sorts related to lighting and LED technology. Here we list the top 15 LED lighting blogs of 2018 based on quality, yet in no specific order on the list.
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LED vs Metal Halide Lighting: 9 Reasons LED Wins (Especially No. 3)

We all know or at least heard that converting from Metal Halide (High Intensity Discharge) to LED will save you money.

But how much? Are there any other reasons or difference you should know about with LED vs Metal Halide lights?

In this article, we break down all the factors that you should be aware of before making a decision to convert from Metal Halide to LED. Here are the 9 reasons we think LED wins over Metal Halide.

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The Things you Should Look for When Buying LED Technology

It is not news that LED is becoming the new standard in saving money on your lighting bill. But with every new technology, the options are endless and plentiful, and sometimes clever marketing hides what really is important. If you understand the technology, its easy. If your new to the technology, you have to try and determine what is or isn't important. Which makes the purchase decision even harder for those trying to navigate this maze of product availability and specifications. And to confuse the consumer even more, there is a lot of data being presented that is not created based on any agreed to standard.

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Lumen Depreciation: Explained Simply

When we talk about replacing commercial and industrial lighting, we always try to alleviate the current costs... (374)

Why Efficiency Matters with LED Products

We are very proud of our Retrofit Products - the kits designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium bulb in the existing fixtures from 70 watts to 1000 watts. And while there are some competitive product available that look both similar, that's where the similarity ends. LED Chipsets are different, as well as drivers, heat sinks, fans and even the way you mount them to the fixtures.

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Converting to LED - S/P Ratios

A lot of time we are asked what is the equivalent LED product to convert from Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium or Mercury Vapor. And a lot of time, we have a product in mind that works based on past experience. But how did we come up with that product, and how did we make the original decision on what was the proper replacement? There's a lot of science that goes into light, color, quality, and each light had it's own characteristics.
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Industrial LED Lights - How to Choose...

Converting over from Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium to LED seems to launch all the marketing catch phrases like "No Brainer". But what should you be looking for? Are all LED Products the same? New fixtures versus retrofitting? Are overseas products scary? What are Industrial LED Lights? Maybe we can help clear the air.
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Do Dimmer Switches Save Power: The Answer

The energy saving power of lighting has quickly grown over the years, and still is to this day. In the commercial and industrial lighting space, a lot of companies are making the switch over from older technology lighting fixtures like metal halide and other HID lights over to LED fixtures. On top of the energy savings LED can bring over older types of lights, commercial dimmers can yield even great energy reduction and thus a greater reduction in your facilities utility bills month to month. So what is a dimmer, do dimmers save energy, and should I use a dimmer switch? Let's find out! 
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How Many LED Watts Do I Need to Replace my Existing Lighting?

We hear this question all the time. The unfortunate reality is "watts" is the wrong way to shop when you are replacing your existing lighting. You need to be focusing on "lumens". In the world of Industrial LED Lighting , a watt is consumed by the LED product and light is produced, that light is called lumens. Some LED products are better at doing that than other products.

So it is important to understand that not all LED products are equal in terms of how efficient they are at converting watts to lumens. In technical terms, we call this lumens/watt.

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DLC Premium Retrofits - More than just a higher rebate

My LED Lighting Guide's commercial retrofit products are DLC Premium Listed. So what does that really mean? So what - big deal? Well it is a big deal, because there are a series of features that make a DLC Premium Listed product better than just the normal DLC Standard listing.

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How important is Color Rendering Index (CRI) in my purchase decision?

CRI is a specification that we simply think of us quality of light. Quantity of light is a measurement of lumens, and quality of light is a measurement of CRI. CRI is a scale between 1 and 100. 100 being great, 1 being terrible. What you need to know is that 6 reference colors are tested to determine how good a light performs against the CRI specification. And it is in this test against these 6 spectrum's that a lights CRI value is determined.
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What is DesignLights Consortium (DLC) and Why Does It Matter?

On the topic of commercial lighting and products, we often hear the term DesignLights Consortium (or DLC for short) brought up. But for those who are unaware of what exactly this 'term' means when listed next to a lighting product, this post is going to uncover what DLC really is, and why it is so important when making your decisions.
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Quick Tips to Purchasing High Quality LED Products

All signs point to a significant and sustained increase in the use of LED lighting systems, lamps, and retrofit kits worldwide. White-light LED sources are overtaking conventional sources in light output and lighting quality. In dozens of nations, green initiatives and energy-efficiency directives push the transformation from conventional lighting systems to LED ones. LED's offer the lowest energy consumption and environmental impact, the longest lifetime, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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LED Terminology Defined: Binning

LED Technology is not just about efficiency, power and light color temperature. Luminous flux performance over lifetime and color rendering index, accordingly the spectrum, are important as well. A lot of people recognize cheap LED versions in any shops or retail stores that seem to be bluish and illuminate the space quite palely.
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Why is Efficacy Important?

One of the least understood terms in LED Lighting is efficacy, or in simpler terms, how efficient is the light. It is typically measure in lumens/watt. Today, efficacy is becoming more and more important because efficacy varies greatly from product to product. What the consumer needs to be wary of is that you should not be mislead into thinking that just because you are switching from HID or fluorescent to LED that you are getting the best savings available. You also need to look at how efficient the LED product is to maximize the savings.
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LED Product Specifications – Important Points to Watch

The choice of a LED product is guided by watching specifications tables. Here is one table accompanied by the explanation of the features. The result should be a good lighting solution that is leaving a green ecological footprint. A good lighting solution is emitting enough light that the tasks in space can be conducted properly.
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CRI versus Color Temperature: Explained

The jargon in the lighting world can often get mixed up. Color rending index (CRI) and color temperature are one of the most to be confused with each other. This post is going to clarify what the different between CRI and Color Temperature is so we can end this confusion. Here is a short explanation why the CRI is more important to focus on before deciding for a color temperature. The color rendering index is the most important feature in certain applications as it determines the appearance of objects, faces and spaces. If this aspect is not relevant, the CRI can be as low as 60 or even 40.
... (348)

Degradation of Illumination Systems

Illumination Systems are designed to fulfill the required lighting level at the end of an operation term and not at day one of the new installation. The luminous flux of the system is going down over lifetime. This is a normal process, no product is lasting forever but the required illuminance levels should not be depreciated at any time. If a lighting system is setup, the maintenance plan has to be fixed too. So the facility managers know how often to clean the room, the luminaries and how frequently to change lamps. A reasonable time needs to be found between maintenance and operating hours, as maintenance cycles are connected to costs. The longer the operation time without maintenance, the more luminaries need to be installed to guarantee the required illumination level at the end of the term. The more frequent the maintenance cycles, the higher the maintenance factor, but also the related costs for the facility service. ... (345)

Switching to LED: Cost Savings Analysis

Have you ever wondered what would actually change if you switched to LED? You are probably too accustomed to the CFLs o... (343)

The problems with CFL's and Incandescent Bulbs

Right this instant you are probably enjoying light provided by a CFL or an incandescent bulb. Buying and installing this kind of light sources is an automatic process. It`s popular, you buy it and when it does not work anymore you just go to the store and replace it. Little do people know about the hidden dangers of these light sources and their utter inefficiency, not to mention the way they damage the environment. Let's take each one and see why they are not the best option. Incandescent bulbs have been around for a long time, being quite simple and cheap. While in the past they may have been revolutionary, today they are ineffective and their production will soon be stopped.
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Hazards of CFL's Due To Mercury: When Will It End?

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are good substitute to the now being banned incandescent lamps. It is more energy efficient and lasts longer than its counterpart. CFLs are more expensive because the price includes the disposal fee. It was introduced in North America in mid 1990s. Although it is more energy efficient than the incandescent lamps, its composition makes its disposal complicated. CFLs are known to contain mercury which is a very serious threat to the environment once disposed improperly.

... (338)

LED Return of Investment Calculations

Due to the widespread application of LED technology in a lot of lighting discipline, many clients are satisfied by what that technology gives them. As known information, purchasing the LED lighting system will cost much as compared to the traditional lighting systems being implemented, but that is only at the first cost.

... (337)

LED Technical Terms

Here are some of the more common technical terms when discussing LED Lighting ... (476)

Lighting Maintenance Factor

Illumination Systems are designed to fulfill the required lighting level at the end of an operation term and not at day one of the new installation. ... (475)

Lighting Language - Basics

Here is our list of Terms used in the Lighting Industry and what they mean ... (474)

Light Management Systems - Upgrading the efficiency of Lighting Systems

By using LED Lighting Systems the consumer can higher the lighting quality of the installation and by the same time reduce costs and save energy. LED lighting systems are extremely efficient light sources compared to discharge or incandescent lamps. LED produces more visible light for each watt of power they consume. The efficiency even increases when lighting controls are used. It is not the same regarding discharge lamps where the efficiency even drops with dimming. Light Management Systems require more components for the installation that is billed in higher costs for the lighting system. But look at the incredible savings when reducing the energy bill by running the system dimmed on levels like 30% or 50% for maybe half of the required time. Let's get into the topic by watching some points.

... (473)

What is the IP rating system?

The IP Rating describes the enclosure for electronic equipment according to the definition of the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization. IP is standing for Ingress Protection, the protection of the product against environmental effects like solid objects or liquids. The IP rating consists of two digits which are describing the height of the protection against these effects. The larger the number, the higher the protection.

... (472)

What influences the lifespan of an LED Light?

The longer a light source is used, the greater the economic advantage and the green footprint. Depending on the system design, minimal decrease in luminous flux over time is a normal process, the components are getting down. When this process is really slow, the system is staying maintenance free for a long time.

... (471)

What is an LED?

LED is the acronym for “Light Emitting Diode”. LEDs are semiconductor devices that produce light.  These were initially used as indicator lights but are now used extensively for indoor, outdoor and decorative lighting.  Here is a picture of an LED:

... (470)

LED versus Traditional Lamps: A fight between unequals

LED lights are far superior to and can easily replace traditional lamps with far higher light output.

... (469)

Understanding Color Temperature

What is color temperature? What is CRI? In this blog post we try to explain what it is and why it is important. ... (468)

LED's Role In Slashing Your Electricity Bill

Different home appliances take-up different power consumption depending on its composition and the service it renders. Now that the natural sources of energy are in the midst of depleting, people also suffers from depleting budget to cope up with the ever increasing kilo watt hour rate. It is a good thing to know the details of each common household appliance and how to compute the consumption rate based on the details given.

... (467)

Pupil Lumens and their impact on the choice of lighting

 A warehouse facility recently upgraded its lighting. Before the lighting improvement project it was illuminated by low CRI HPS lamps which were replaced with higher CRI lights. The luminous intensity before the retrofit was 35 foot candles which fell to only 25 foot candles after the retrofit project! A reduction of 28% in light intensity. Yet most users of the facility rated the new lights as being significantly brighter than the older lamps.

... (466)

How to Reduce Office Energy Costs

Electricity is one of the largest cost items on the bills of data centers and other offices. Electricity is used to power air conditioners, computers and communication equipment, mobile and laptop chargers and for lighting. An office manager who would like to reduce electricity consumption in his office would have to address each usage. The electricity consumption in a typical office is equally split three ways – Lighting, air-conditioning and for office equipment. It is not that these are unrelated. If an office has an energy inefficient appliance the heat produced by it will increase the air conditioning load and consequently the electricity costs. ... (460)

Tackling Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights

Light pollution has not occupied the limelight like water and air pollution. Even people who religiously recycle their waste and try to minimize their carbon footprint are often unaware of this silent enemy. Yet the impact of this lesser known evil is no less than its more famous peers.

... (459)

The Best Lighting Choice for Hospitals

Like Schools, Hospitals are stressed for funds too. Hospital wards, operation theaters, hallways, parking lots need round the clock, good quality illumination. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are needed to fund the lighting electricity bills alone. This is why we thing the education of LED technology for hospital and healthcare facilities is important for a sustainable future for the healthcare industry, along with providing safer areas for such fragile environments like hospitals.... (455)

Lighting for Commercial Companies Sound Financial Sense and CSR

Businesses worldwide are investing in LED fixtures. Starbucks as done it so have Google, Glaxo Smithkline, Staples and Wal-Mart among others. If you think they are doing it as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives – you are right, but only partially. A triple bottom line approach, attractive return on investment, excellent light quality, lower fixed costs, tax credits, green brand image, safety concerns and threat of potential lawsuits are all encouraging companies to invest in this energy efficient technology.

... (454)

Settling the Mercury Emission Debate

Mercury is a known neurotoxin. It hampers neurological development, impacts the cardiovascular system of adults and wild animals dependent on fish.

... (453)

Lighting Strategies for Retail Stores

Light is an integral part of the business strategy of successful retail stores. Light is needed to provide the right mood for shopping, highlight items the store wants to sell, illuminate display cases and to create a unique identity in the shoppers mind.

... (452)

Why should schools be interested in reducing their energy consumption?

There are several reasons, each more compelling than the other, that schools should be highly interested in reducing energy consumption.
... (451)

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Rendering Index or CRI, light temperature, Stoke’s shift, are terms that are often used by manufacturers to promote their lighting products. There are CRI and Color Temperature wars waging in the cyberspace to defend incandescent bulbs against the onslaught of legislation and energy efficient LED Lights.
... (448)

Busting Electricity Myths

In the world of electricity, the myths that are passed around are occurring far too often without any evidence that they are the truth. So, with this post we are busting these common electricity myths and putting a end to them once and for all.... (444)

Why is my Electricity Bill so High?

"High" is always relative. It is prudent to keep in mind that the phrase ‘high electricity bill’ is always relative. A typical American household with 3 members consumes around 850 kWh of electricity per month. One’s consumption could be different because of many factors – a larger or smaller family, residing in excessively cold or hot areas, one or more high usage appliances in the house, etc. There is no single yardstick for deciding what ‘Normal’ is.
One can compare the bill to previous bills or to those of one’s peers with similar family size and usage patterns to determine if the bill is too high.
... (443)

The Death of the Light Bulb

The incandescent bulb came to life in 1880 in the workshop of Thomas Edison but it was only in 1910 that the tungsten filament lamp as we know today came into being.

Since then for nearly a century the incandescent bulb has continued to be the most popular lighting device. While it is the most popular it isn’t by any means the best lighting solution. The march of technology has meant that the bulb is today completely outdated. In a classic case of survival of the fittest - the bulb has lost to its more energy efficient competitors – CFL's and LED's.  While it is still more popular than the newer technologies, the incandescent bulb is on the way out.

... (442)

Save money on your utility bill

There are certain uncanny similarities between the global climate change and the recent financial crisis. Of late both have has been in turmoil. Climate patterns have become as uncertain as the next big financial institution that will reach the verge of collapse. Human beings and their behavior bear the responsibility of the melt down of both the polar ice caps and the global financial markets. In either case it is the man on the street that is going to pay the price. The solution of both lies in being proactive and taking charge of your destiny today.... (441)

Reduce Your Energy Bill using Energy Saving Lights

Light Emitting Diodes - popularly known as LED's - are devices which are very commonly used in our day to day life, whether we realize it or not. They have been put to use in a wide variety of applications and varied functions. From the tiny lights which blink in equipment to indicate the status, numbers on the digital clocks and messages on the sign boards to television screens which get lighted up by LED's, it has a wide range of requirement and usability. Infrared LED's are used in remote control devices, cameras and similar gadgets.
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The True Cost of LED Lighting

There are many reasons preventing customers switching to LED lights from conventional lighting. But none larger than the lack of awareness about this new technology and the multiple benefits that it has to offer. And even those few, who are aware of this new technology, are deferring the decision because of its higher initial purchase cost. An in depth analysis into this technology reveals that it is economically, environmentally and technically feasible to invest in LED's now.

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How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

A person’s carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane etc emitted by him and his activities. Similarly carbon footprints can be calculated for a product, an event or an organization. The carbon footprint depends on three factors
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