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Best LED Smart Light Switches in 2020

With smart light switches, you can have control of your home’s visibility and atmosphere efficiently.
From enhanced security to saving money on utility bills or just for the convenience of switching lights on and off without having to do it manually, smart lighting comes with numerous benefits. And with so many benefits it is not surprising that the market is flooded with different brands of smart switches for lights.

The lights offer you various options and are available at different budget ranges. The numerous choices available however may make you feel overwhelmed. This is because finding a switch with all features without going over budget is a hassle.

Fortunately, we have shortened the long list of options available to the 5 best smart wall switches. Read on to know how these lights can turn your living or working space more productive, convenient and hassle-free.

1. TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Switch from TP-Link

If you are looking for an easy to install smart switch that is convenient and compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, the Kasa Smart Light Switch is a choice you should consider. The switch is capable of controlling your ceiling fans, lights and any other fixtures in your home. The inbuilt app allows connecting to the Wi-Fi in your home easily. You can manage all connected fixtures even using your smartphone.

Pairing the switch with Alexa or Google Assistant will allow you to use voice control and manage the lighting and other fixtures remotely. For instance, on a cold day, you can turn on the thermostat before you go for work and return to a warm and comfortable home. The voice control works with Microsoft Cortana too. You can even assign a name for every smart switch you install and use the name for your voice commands.

Or you can also form a group for the smart devices you have in your home and use a single command to control them all. By grouping the smart witch with other Kasa devices you can form scenes for going to bed, waking up or even set up the lighting to appear like you are at home when you are away to keep trespassers and burglars at bay. The Kasa app is compatible with Android 4.1 and iOS 9 or their higher versions.

And you need not worry about using a special hub or a paid subscription service for using the smart switch as it is compatible with any Wi-Fi router.

And installation is easy thanks to the Kasa app. The app has a simple and easy to understand guide for installation of the switch so you can finish installing it in a breeze.

However, remember that the switch needs a neutral wire and works in a single-pole setup. The Wi-Fi should be of secured 2.4 GHz for the smart switch to work..


  • It is easy to install especially with the simple instructions provided by the phone app that has pictures and candid directions
  • The activation of the switch is easy. You have to just choose ‘Add device ‘and complete a few steps to control the switch from your phone
  • Integrates easily with voice control platforms like Amazon Echo and others
  • Easy to set routines, scenes, and schedules
  • The design of the switch is very aesthetic and has LED illumination to indicate when it is on.


  •  The lower section of the switch has to be pushed for on and off and the upper section does not work which can be a bit difficult to adapt.

2. Treatlife Smart Light Switch

The four-pack Treatlife smart light switch can by your choice if you are looking to save on your energy bills while having the ability to remote control your lights from anywhere. The Wi-Fi light switch is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. Thus, you can activate your lighting and other fixtures through voice control.

Since set up is the part where the smart light switches give some trouble, Treatlife has ensured that the product has appropriate installation equipment, including wall plates and other accessories with proper labels. The directions for wiring of the switch and pairing are given clearly so set up is a breeze. If you have the standard 1/2/3 gang wall plates, the switches can be easily fixed.

Treatlife smart switches are programmed to be compatible with the Wi-Fi network in your home so you need not worry about using a separate hub or additional routers for the smart system to work. However, you need a neutral wire and 2.4 G network for proper functioning. It is also not ideal for a three-way switch, as the manufacturer clearly states that it works effectively only for a single-pole switch.

The countdown timer makes it convenient for setting up the light to go on and off for a specified time span. For instance, you can set up the lights in your child’s playroom to go off at a particular time.

The automatic scheduling is another feature that helps you set up subtle reminders of your daily schedule. For instance, you can set your porch light to switch on in the evening at a particular time so you can come to a properly lit house. This can be used for when you are away from your home for a vacation too.

The smart lighting can be set to turn off and on periodically, which helps deter any intruders. The lights can be grouped and controlled in a single control so you can turn on all of them or off them when needed. The smart light switch has a two-year warranty and a money-back guaranteed for 90 days along with lifetime customer support..


  • The Wi-Fi switch is easy to install and set up can be completed within 10 minutes
  • Switches are of good quality
  • The white light on the switch makes it easy to find it at night
  • The faceplate is stylish and attaching it is easy
  • The packaging is very good


  • The switch needs to be reformatted every time power shut down occurs, which is a big hassle
  • The plate and switch are huge and made of plastic with thick screw tabs

3. Lutron Caseta Smart Home Plug-in Switch

For the ultimate convenience in your home lighting, whether you are watching TV, reading, or entertaining, Lutron Caseta Smart switch with a remote kit is a good choice to consider. The switch comes with a lamp dimmer that can be plugged in wirelessly and controlled using Pico remote control.

You can just plug in the lamp dimmer in your standard outlet and use a maximum of two lamps on it. The remote control can be used to control the lights from any place in the room, you can dim, brighten and turn the lights off and on using the remote. The remote also has a favorite light setting for you to set up a particular light level. The dimmer supports halogen or incandescent bulbs of 300 watts. It also works equally well with LED or CFL of 100 watts.

Voice control feature in the switch supports all leading smart home gadgets including Google Assistant, Alexa, Sonos, Serena Shades and the Homekit from Apple. The Lutron app helps in controlling lights in your home from the switch or through voice control. Creating personal schedules for switching the lights on or off or dimming them is easy with the app.

And you can keep your home and family safe by keeping the lights turned on even when you are away. The automatic light adjustment, however, needs a smart bridge and LBDG2WH. As the smart switch can control multiple bulbs at a time, you can control more lights with the single switch saving money.

Three-way set up is possible with the Pico control, which you can mount on any wall without cutting holes or using the wiring. The wall mount bracket available separately can be used for mounting the remote. The Pico can be used to replace your existing three-way switches..


  • The lights can be controlled using four buttons on a connected app, dimmer and the remote with 5 buttons
  • Made of good quality material hence is long-lasting
  • The switches are reliable and response time is quick
  • Dimming works smoothly for LED, halogen and incandescent bulbs
  • RF wireless range is very good.
  • Does not need a neutral wire
  • Can be synced with various other Caseta products
  • Set up is very easy
  • Does not create any click, buzz or hum while using


  • In case of power failure, the set turns off fully and does not return to its previous state when power is restored
  • Does not have a memory button on the control panel of the plug

4. Gosund Smart Light Switch

Gosund Smart Switch is a good choice to consider if you are shopping for a smart switch with remote and voice control and a dedicated app for assisting with the set-up process. The smart control switch comes with a free Gosund app that assists you in the wiring and installation of the switches.

The lights can be scheduled for switching on and off and controlled from any place and anytime without the need for a hub. The switch is IFTTT compatible so you can create recipes for integrating the switch to other products and services. By using the switch and pairing it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa you can use voice control for activating your fans, lights and other fixtures.

This smart switch also features scheduling. You can set up a light or fan to turn on when you are at home or just before you reach home. During a party, you can adjust the lightings just the way you want with the scheduling feature. The setup is guided by the Gosund app and is easy and quick. You need to know the basics of electrical wiring to complete the set up as it is very simple.

The switch needs neutral, load and live wires and a one-way switch and not a 3-way model or a dimmer. It is compatible only with a 2.4 G Wi-Fi network and not 5 G. For controlling the switch from your mobile you need to have iOS version 8.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above.

The switch has a 90-day money-back guarantee and a limited warranty of 12 months. The switch also comes with device sharing feature so you can share with family members and make it convenient for everyone to control the lights and other fixtures easily..


  • Is easy to pair with Alexa and can be renamed whenever needed
  • Alexa can be used to turn the switches on and off
  • The switches are very responsive without any lag time
  • Can be used for fans, lights, appliances, recessed lighting and more
  • You can link multiple units with the switch and control using Google home
  • Set up is easy
  • Gosund app is very user-friendly and straightforward to use


  • Does not offer hub support
  • Connecting the switch initially takes some time but after set up, it worked smoothly
  • Not 3 way compatible

5. Treatlife Smart Light Switch

Treatlife Smart Light Switch brings you the convenience of complete control over the lights in your home. Besides the facility to control lights via smartphone anytime and from any location, you also get to safeguard your home and save on the energy bills.

The smart light switch does not require any complicated setup. The setup is very easy and can be done with the help of the stepwise instructions provided in the manual. Although the Treatlife switches do not have a separate app, the various smart features including voice and remote control and automated schedules make the switch a great purchase.

The product is provided with a wall plate that can just be snapped on without the need for any screws. And, the hub is not required for the switch. However, you need neutral wiring for the switch, which has a maximum power limit of 1250 W with an output current of 10A. The Wi-Fi has 2.4G and not 5G.

One important feature that users will like about the Treatlife switches is the easy hands-free voice control offered across several devices such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant and more. The schedule creator is another beneficial feature in this smart switch. You can use it to form timer or a countdown schedule to on or off switches automatically on a specific time or to simulate occupancy to ward off intruders.

The remote controlling facility allows you to control multiple lights in your home with just a single tap or monitor the lighting status in your home. You can control the lights while you are at work or vacation easily.

Treatlife switches have a 90-day money-back guarantee and a warranty period of two years. The switches also have lifetime customer support.


  • The switch design is very sleek and stylish
  • The press button is much better than the conventional toggle switch.
  • The switch comes with an inbuilt LED light, which glows when the switch is in off position. This helps to find the switch when it is dark
  • The wiring and installation are very simple and straightforward
  • Syncing with Alexa is easy
  • The package has all the accessories including twist splices and screws for the setup
  • Software pairing is simple to do


  • The wiring and installation setup provided for the switch work well only for a single switch. In case of multiple switches, the assistance of an electrician will be required for using pigtails, wire nuts and other tools needed for the setup.
  • The quality is not good and the switch makes a clicking noise which can be annoying

With a smart light switch, you can turn your home into a smart living space. You can set all lighting devices in your home based on your specific schedule. This is not only convenient but also gives you additional security when you want to keep off intruders from entering your home when you are away. If you are shopping for a smart light switch that is made of durable material, compatible with all important smart devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. the above line up will help you make the right choice.

While the Lutron smart switch is expensive it has very advanced features and good reviews to back it up making the expense worth it. On the other hand, for budget shoppers, a model like Gosund or Kasa would work well as they possess various desirable features that can make your home a truly smart hub.

Whether it is the Lutron Caseta 3-way switch, which offers a comprehensive list of features or the budget-priced Gosund Smart switch, you will find the switches in our list very durable, effective, fast and hassle-free to use. From the ease of installation to quick response on activation make these switches a prudent purchase that saves you on energy bills and gives you peace of mind that your home and family are safe.

DISCLAIMER: There are affiliate links on this page. This means that at no cost to you, we will receive a small commission if you purchase through our link.

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