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40W Color Adjustable 2X4 LED Edge Lit Panels - 3000K to 5000K

UL CE RoHS Rebates 5 year warranty Quick Ship

40W Color Adjustable 2X4 LED Edge Lit Panels - 3000K to 5000K. Optional remote to change all the panels. 5 year warranty.



Part NumberWattsLumens

ReplacesFluorescent Troffer
Lumens Per Watt125
Voltage100-277V [D]
Frequency50 / 60 hz
Life Hours100,000 (L70) hours
Color Temp3000K | 3500K | 4000K | 4500K | 5000K
Beam Angle110°
Operating Temp-14+104°F
Dimmable0-10V | Optional
HousingWhite Steel Frame with Translucent White PMMA Lens
MountingRecessed/Drop In standard. Optional Surface Mount and Suspend Mount
Dimensions23.8 x 47.8
Warranty5 years

Color Adjustable Panels Saves the Day

Wouldn't it be wonderful to buy a panel that gives you all the color options you want, as well as dimming, so you can choose the perfect color (only you know what the perfect color is) and the perfect light levels, all controlled by a simple remote control? Think of the problem it solves with having to buy just 1 color panel and hope you get it right.

With this panel, there is no wrong. Don't like the color? Change it? Want it dimmer? Change it? Want it warmer? Change it? Want it brighter? Change it.

This color changing and dimming panel makes the decision making process simple and easy. And why not take the risk out of making this decision by using a panel that can change with your requirements.

Circadian Lighting Options

More recently in the news, more press has been dedicated to loss of sleep or worsening sleep habits because of blue light, and a push towards lighting that can adapt to the same rhythm of the sun by making the light warmer in the evening. This circadian cycle can easily be accomplished with the use of adjustable color temperature products. And while a 5000K environment is bright, you may be better served to adjust your environment to 3500K so as to limit the production of blu-ish light in the work environment.


  • Remote Control or Wall Mount Remote to control all panels
  • Surface Mount
  • Suspended Mount


  • Color Temperature / Brightness Adjustable - pre-set or optional switch - remote control
  • No Flickering or noise
  • Delay turn-off option
  • Works great for offices, schools and medical facilities - where varying light colors are required
  • Great ROI - Energy savings and reduced maintenance
  • 40W LED Adjustable Panel w/ Circadian Lighting Choices

Energy Savings

40 LED Watts replacing 128 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 470 kw/year *
Cost per kw/hSavings per year
* includes ballast draw