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240W LED Tennis Lights – 36000 lumens – replaces 750W HID

Sku: MLLG-AG-LED-TEN-240-1407
• Watts: 240
• Lumens: 36000
• LM/W: 150
• Voltage: 100-277V [D] | 277-480V [HV]
• Replaces: 750W Metal Halide
• Life: 50,000 (L70) hours

 UL Rebates 5 year warranty Dimmable 0-10V LED 100-277V 277-480V IP66 photocell

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Part Number MLLG-AG-LED-TEN-240
Watts 240
Lumens 36000
Replaces 750W Metal Halide
Lumens Per Watt 150
Voltage 100-277V [D] | 277-480V [HV]
Frequency 50/60 hz
Life Hours 50,000 (L70) hours
Color Temp 4000K | 5000K
CRI 70+
Beam Angle
Optics Special Optics designed for tennis court applications
Operating Temp -30°C to +50°C
IP Rating IP66
Dimmable 0-10V | Optional
Housing Black Aluminum
Mounting Trunnion or slip fitter mount
Dimensions 27X14.25X3.7″
Weight 20.5 lbs
Warranty 5 years


  • Integrated 240W LED Tennis Court Light for optimum lifetime performance of 10+ years.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Sports, Court or Stadium Lighting or any where you need light for an existing area.
  • Instant on/off
  • Reduced energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80%.
  • Maintenance free operation – lasts up to 6 times longer than conventional lighting
  • Solid state design and circuitry
  • Great for shock and high vibration environments
  • 50-80% reduced energy usage. Save money on your utility bill
  • No humming or flickering.
  • Cool beam – Does not produce Ultra Violet (UV) light or IR.
  • Unique design with anodized Black housing for cooler operation and extended lamp life.
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials


  • 0-10V dimming

Energy Savings

240 LED Watts replacing 750 Watts for 12 hrs/day 365 days/yr saving 2727 kw/year *

Cost per kw/h Savings per year
.06 $164
.08 $218
.10 $273
.12 $327
.14 $382
.16 $436
.18 $491
.20 $545

* includes ballast draw

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