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Industrial and Commercial LED Lights & Retrofit Solutions

Indoor LED Lighting

LED High Bay Lights

UFO Style – Linear Style – High Power – High Voltage – High Temperature – Hazardous Location – Food Safe NSF

LED Low Bay Lights

UFO Style – Linear Style – Hazardous Location – Food Safe NSF

Food Safe Lights

Replace 250W – 750W HID – NSF Certified – 140 lumens/watt

LED Shop Lights

4 ft LED Shop Lights – 8 ft LED Shop Lights – Hardwired

Explosion Proof Lights

High Bays – Low Bays – Linear Style – Canopy – Jelly Jar – Flood Lights – Street Lights – Parking Lot Lights

LED Vaportite

2ft LED Vaportite – 4ft LED Vaportite – 8ft LED VaportiteLED Vaportite


2ft LED Wraparound – 4ft LED WraparoundWraparound


Replace 250W HID – Replace 400W HIDConstruction

Outdoor LED Lighting

LED Panels

2X2 LED Panels – 2X4 LED Panels – Color Changing Panels

LED Troffers

2X2 LED Troffer – 2X4 LED TrofferLED Troffers

Magnetic Strips

2, 3 and 4 Strip KitsLED Magnetic

LED Tubes

2 ft, 4ft and 8ft LED TubesLED Tubes

LED Shoebox

Replace 250W HID – Replace 400W HID – Replace 1000W HID – up to 170 lumens/watt

LED Pole Top

Replace 250W HID – 400W HID – 1000W HIDLED Pole Tops

LED Roadway

Replace 150W HID – 250W HID – 400W HID – 1000W HIDLED Pole Tops

LED Security

Replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium LightingLED Security

LED High Mast

Replace 400W HID – Replace 1000W HID – Replace 1500W HID – DOT Style – Slim Profile Style

LED Stadium

Replace 1000W+ HID – Stadium Lighting – Tennis Court LightsStadium LED

LED Flood Light

Replace 1000W HID – Stadium Lighting – Tennis Court LightsFlood Lights

LED Yard Lights

High Power LED Yard – Lights and Area Lighting Yard Lights

LED Retrofit Solutions

LED Wall Packs

LED Flood Wall Packs – Semi-Cutoff – Full Cutoff – Dusk to Dawn – Adjustable Pivoting Heads

LED Soffit

Recessed Can Lighting – Surface Mount LED Soffit LightsSoffit Lights

LED Canopy

Recessed Mount – Surface Mount – High Power Canopy LightsLED Canopy

Wall Sconce

Replace HID, Incandescent and CFL Outdoor Sconce LightsWall Sconce

LED Billboard Lights

Special LED Optics designed for Billboard lights – replace 400W and 1000W HID

LED Marine

High Power LED Marine Lighting – Salt Water Tested Extreme EnvironmentsMarine Lights

LED Airport

High Power LED Tarmac and Hangar Lighting

Airport Light

LED Solar

LED Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar Lights

HID to LED Retrofit Kits

Replace 150W to 1500W HID – Keep your existing fixtures – up to 165 lumens/watt – 10 year warranty

Shoebox Retrofit

Replace HID bulb and ballasts inside your existing shoebox fixturesShoebox Retrofit Kits

Canopy Retrofit

Replace HID bulb and ballasts inside your existing canopy fixturesCanopy Retrofit Kits

Wall Pack Retrofit

Replace HID bulb and ballasts inside your existing wall pack fixturesWall Pack Retrofit Kits

High Power LED Recessed Downlights

Replace 150 to 400W HID in your existing 6″ to 10″ recessed fixtures – up to 165 lumens/watt – 10 year warranty

LED Downlight

Replace Halogen, CFL and Incandescent downlights with LEDLED Downlight

High Bay Retrofit

Replace 250W and 400W HID High Bay BulbsLED High Bay Retrofit

LED Bollard

Replace Halogen, CFL and Incandescent bollards with LEDLED Bollard

LED Post Top Bulb

Replace 30 to 400W HID in your existing Post Top Acorn Fixtures

Street Light Retrofit

Replace 250W and 400W HID BulbsStreet Light Retrofit


Replace PAR 20, PAR 30, PAR38 and PAR56LED PAR Bulbs

Exit and Emergency Signs

LED Exit Signs

We Offer

Quality Products

MyLEDLightingGuide offers the very best LED fixtures and retrofit solutions. We convert Metal Halide, HPS and Fluorescent lighting to LED. All our products are either UL or ETL Listed, and more are DLC Qualified for utility rebates.

We stock 1000’s of fixtures and retrofit solutions in our warehouse

Responsive Support

We pride ourselves on outstanding pre-sales and post-sales support. The majority of our sales come from repeat customers. We will assist you with both pre-sales questions and post sales questions that you may have.

If there is a warranty issue, we will make sure it’s taken care of!

We Solve Hard Problems

If you need High Voltage, High Temperature or High Power lighting, call MyLEDLightingGuide.

We can replace or retrofit and customize most fixtures to meet your particular needs. We can help you decide what the best option is.


LED Solutions and Applications

Recent Blog Posts

LED Shop Lights vs Fluorescent

If you own a shop, you may have installed fluorescent lighting. Prior to LED Lighting, fluorescent lighting was a good option. They provided adequate lighting in a replaceable tube solution. When the tubes quit working, a shop owner could replace the tubes with new tubes. So why would you consider changing your lighting from fluorescent [...]

LED Lumens Comparison

Why is it you can replace some lights with more 'advertised' lumens with a LED light with less lumens. Here are 4 reasons why you can use less LED lumens to replace traditional HID lights   1. You need less lumens when you have Focused Directional Lumens LED light is directional. Conventional light sources are [...]

High Bay versus Low Bay Explained

There are a lot that High Bay LED and Low Bay LED Fixtures have in common. If you were to place two fixtures side by side it would be difficult to determine which was the high bay or low bay fixture. High bay and low bay lights have a lot in common. But this similarity adds [...]

Impact Rating IK01 to IK10 and LED Lighting

IK Rating Level of Protection IK00 Not protected. IK01 Protected against an impact of 0.14 joules. This is equal to the impact of a 0.25-kg object dropped from 56 mm above the impacted surface IK02 Protected against an impact of 0.2 joules. This is equal to the impact of a 0.25-kg object dropped from 80 mm [...]

IP Rating and LED Lighting

The IP Rating The International Protection Marking (IP Code/Ingress Protection) rates the effectiveness from intrusions such as dust or water. The IP rating is a standard of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It applies to a wide range of products.   It is of utmost importance that you verify the IP rating of your LED vapor [...]

Color Rendering Index Explained

What is Color Rendering? Color rendering defines how well a light source makes the color of an object appear to human vision relative to a high quality reference source, the sun. It further defines how well subtle variations in color shades are presented by the light source. What is the Color Rendering Index? Color Rendering [...]

Recommended Lux Levels – The Best Light Levels for all Environments

  When we define light levels for an application, we typically talk about foot candles or lux. This is the amount of light at a specific plane. Foot candles (fc) and lux are different calculations but provide the same information. For academics, 1 foot candle = 10.752 lux. Conversely, 1 lux = 0.0929 foot candles. [...]

HID Fixture

What is a HID Fixture?   A HID fixture is a lighting device that consists of a fixture, a HID bulb, a ballast, reflectors and a mount. HID is an acronym for High Intensity Discharge, and applies to a family of high lumen bulbs. Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide. Ceramics, Sodium Vapor and Xenon based bulbs [...]

Some of our Customers

We focus on solutions that work for you

Our primary goal is to help our customers save money by using safe, efficient LED lighting. We educate our customers with real information about LED Lighting. And explain how to convert over to LED. We provide one on one support to help you purchase the right product for your application.

We Offer:

• Free Photometric Studies and Lighting Layouts Design Services

• ROI and Rebate Analysis – The best solutions and rebates
• 1000’s of Fixtures and Retrofits in stock ready to ship today!

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Industrial and Commercial LED High Bays designed for large indoor areas

MyLEDLightingGuide offers over 15 high bay led lights to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent High Bays. We offer high bays  from 250 Watts to 2000 Watts.
We offer high heat solutions, high ceilings, explosion proof and high voltage solutions.  (single-phase or 3-phase) with many options stocked in our USA warehouse. We have UFO Style High Bays, panel style and linear high bay fixtures.

Want to know how the fixture will work before you buy? We can provide a free photometric of your indoor space so there is no guess-work or surprises after you buy. And the best part: we excel in both pre-sales education and post-sales support.

LED Flood Lights provides exceptional outdoor security lighting!

MyLEDLightingGuide’s LED Flood Lights replace Metal Halide and HPS Flood Lights.  We can provide high voltage (480V) solutions and optic packages.

Whether pole or wall mounted, our LED flood lights will provide years of trouble free lighting. And  you’ll be  able to save you from 50% to 90% on your lighting bill. When used with smart controls like photocells and motion sensors. We offer high power, high temperature and hazardous location flood lights. 

LED Parking Lot Lights provides exceptional value to brighten any parking lot!

led shoebox light

LED Parking Lot Lights replace Metal Halide and HPS Parking Lot Lights. We can provide high voltage (480V) solutions, optics  and motion dimmers and photocells.  We make sure the light gets to where its needed and only on when it needs to be.

Our LED parking lot lights provide years of reliable, bright lighting.

Replace Metal Halide and keep your fixtures!

led retrofit kit

Do you have Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs and want to keep the fixtures?  We offer LED Retrofit Kits for HID that install in your existing fixture. Our Kits are very efficient producing up to 165 lumens per watt. They are DLC Premium Qualified and backed with a 10 year warranty. We have sold 10’s of thousands of these kits and have 1000’s in stock ready for your project. Try one in your fixture and see how amazing these kits are!


What Comes with a MyLEDLightingGuide Retrofit Kit?

  1. LED Head (10 year warranty).
  2. A selection of mounting arm options designed to work in multiple fixtures.
  3. Meanwell LED Driver, 100V – 277V or optionally 277V – 480V LED Retrofit.
  4. 0-10V Dimmable driver (optional). Requires compatible dimmer or control system.
  5. Supply of screws, electric wire nuts and instructions – everything to complete the installation.
  6. Live support call in – if you have an installation question, we are here to help.
  7. No non-sense hassle free warranty support

LED Shop Lights to Create a Safe, Bright Work Area!

LED Shop Light Fixture

MyLEDLightingGuide offers LED Shop Lights designed to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent Shop Lights.

Old technology provides disappointing light levels. If you work in a shop that is under-lit, converting over to LED will brighten your space. It will also reduce your lighting bill.

We stock 1000’s of LED Shop Lights in the USA, ready to install so you can create that bright and safe work area.

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