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LED Lighting for Schools and Educational Facilities

Schools and Educational Facilities can certainly benefit from all the features that converting over to LED lighting for schools and educational facilities. Improved light levels, better working environment for staff and students, creating a safer environment by removing fluorescent tubes (and the mercury contained within). That's above the obvious benefits of significant energy savings as well as reduced lighting maintenance. So why wouldn't cash strapped schools and school districts convert over to LED now? Capital Investment? The truth of the matter is schools fall into the class of high use facilities. A combination of high use, cost of electricity and available rebates allow schools to find quick paybacks when converting over to LED. And once the investment is paid off, then it's on to years of savings. Contact us, we can do a quick quote and provide a payback analysis for you regarding our products. Just tell us what you have, hours of use, cost of electricity and the name of your utility company, and we will do the rest.

LED for School Classroom Here's a few reasons to convert over to LED School Lighting.

1. Higher Quality of Light: LED products are a better source of light for two reasons. First, the quality of light, measured as Color Rendering Index (CRI) is typically higher most if not all the times than the traditional light sources they replace. Secondly, LED lights do not flicker like fluorescent light sources. While flickering may not seem like an issue, working under lights that flicker can cause eye strain and even headaches. LED's Magazine article on Field Evaluations of LED Lighting indicates that "DesignLights (DLC)-rated LEDs could easily meet and surpass Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) classroom standards."

2. Save Energy - Save Money: A typical fluorescent tube retrofit to LED tubes saves you at least 50% or more in less energy used. A typical HID bulb converted over to LED can save you as much as 75% or more. This is real dollars that you don't have to spend while maintain the same if not better light levels you currently have. The majority of our LED solutions are rebate eligible, either registered under DesignLights Consortium (DLC) or Energy Star. Many utility companies offer rebates for DLC Qualified or Energy Star certified products, saving even more money. High use areas often see paybacks in less than a year. Contact us for a free quote and we can even do a customer payback analysis for you on your light fixtures. We will research the rebates options for you.

Reduction in energy at schools is not complicated. Converting over to LED technology produces better quality light and can save you 50%+ on your energy bills. It will also reduce your maintenance bills as LED products lasts longer than the incandescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, and fluorescent technologies.

Outdoor School LED Lighting Systems

LED Stadium Lighting Outdoor Lighting systems in schools and educational facilities typically consists of outdoor parking, field light, general security lighting and sport field lighting. In parking lots, we typically see flood lights and area lights such as shoe boxes. Most tend to be Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium light sources. Most lights tend to be either 250W, 400W or 1000W. Field lighting tends to be sport light or high mast technology.

There are two options when it comes to converting to LED systems. You can replace your existing fixture or, if your fixtures are in good shape, retrofit them with one of our LED Retrofit for MH and HPS Kits. Generally speaking, retrofitting is far more cost effective than replacing your existing fixtures. Retrofitting allows you to re-use your existing fixtures. The retrofit kits are ETL Listed and DLC Premium Qualified, They are safe and eligible for the highest rebates available from your utility company.

Our retrofit kits are built to last and are backed with a 10 year warranty. So in terms of reliability, there is no reason to choose a new fixture over a retrofit solution because your investment in either will not be shortened by shorter life cycle of the retrofit.

If your fixtures are old, failing or leaking water, then it makes sense to replace your existing fixtures, Retrofit kits require a dry environment, installing them into a fixture that leaks or has yellowed lenses does not make sense.

Lights you find outdoors in a School

Stadium Lights: Pole mounted, these lights are found lighting up sports fields. Numerous poles are set up around the field containing several lights. You have 2 good options if you want to go LED, LED High Sport Lights or LED Retrofit Kits. Both can replace up to 1000W Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium easily. We even have a LED Sport Light that can produce over 100,000 lumens.

Area Lights: These lights are pole mounted, and typically you see 1-4 lights per pole. You see this type of light in parking lots. They are typically 400W or 1000W, and are either metal halide or high pressure sodium. You can either replace the fixture with a brand new LED Shoe Box or Flood Light LED, or you can retrofit the fixture with a LED retrofit.

Wall Packs: Mounted on the outside of school walls, they provide area lighting and location specific flood lighting. Because of UV light HPS and Metal Halide, the lenses tend to yellow, making them hard to retrofit. If the fixtures need to be replaced, you can choose a Outdoor LED Wallpack.

Street Light: These lights are what you find on the streets of a residential neighborhood. They typically tend to be small wattage bulbs, typically 70-100W. With these lights, you can retrofit them with one of our LED retrofit products or replace then with a new Cobra Head LED (Street Light).

Indoor LED Lights for Schools

LED Lighting for Gymnasiums Indoor Lighting in schools typically consists of fluorescent lights in halls, classroom lighting, cafeteria spaces and offices and some sort of high bay fixture in the gymnasiums. Fluorescent lights are prone to flickering and creating an uncomfortable environment. Eye strain and headaches are not uncommon under these types of lights. Learn more about LEDs in schools here.

Lights you find indoors in a School

High Bay Lights: High Bay Lights are found in the gym area and possibly cafeteria areas of the school. Most high bays are 250W (low ceiling areas), 400W or 1000W. They tend to be either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Sometimes one may find T5 fixtures that were designed to replace MH or HPS High Bays. They can easily be replaced with High Bay LED Fixtures or retrofitted with a retrofitting kit.

Fluorescent Troffers: Fluorescent troffers are typically found in dropped grid ceilings, and they typically contains 2 to 4 fluorescent tubes. Most tubes are either T8, T10 or T12. You have two distinct options to replace a troffer- replace the fixture or replace the tubes. The tube option tends to be more economical, and with the advent of plug and play led tubes, converting over to LED is as simple as removing the old fluorescent tube and replacing it with the LED tube.

Vapor Proof Linear Fixtures: These fixtures appear in hallways and stairwells, and are long linear fixtures typically contains fluorescent tubes. In the world of LED, there are similar type fixture, called Vapor tight LED, that allows for great general lighting and is also available with a vandal proof lens.

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